2 Problems of new eBay sellers (That You Will NOW Not Face)

Even when one of the top marketplaces in the world, selling on eBay doesn’t look so complex and difficult. In fact, with relatively lesser competition than Amazon, it looks fairly easy and profitable to sell on. A lot of credit for that goes to the team of eBay itself that ensured platform’s growth, sustainability and reputation among the sellers through effective strategies.

ebay auto listing software

Now that being said, there are still many problems that new eBay sellers often face. For example, ranking high on eBay search is a tardy task; yes, even with low competition. When compared to others, eBay is much more stringent when it comes to the quality of the products and this usually troubles the beginners.

If you’re one of the beginners, here are 2 problems many eBay sellers face—but you shouldn’t:

Listing errors-

Again, eBay takes quality much more seriously than many marketplaces. So, if you aren’t careful in the listing process, reckless to your product titles, descriptions, images and other aspects, you will see errors. And in case, if your products do get listed, NEVER expect to rank high. In short, you must give more time in eBay listing than you think you should. For higher ease and efficiency, you can even signup for a good eBay auto listing software.

Selling on other platforms-

eBay takes a lot from the sellers; at least if you’re looking to make big sales. Meaning, you get so busy dealing with all the tasks at hand, you find very small room to sell on other platforms and launch multiple storefronts. Yes, scalability has always been a major concern for online sellers who want to expand their business. If you, too, get to the same stage where you want to grow your business, you must sign up to multi-channel e-commerce software solution. A good solution can provide you a centralized ecosystem where you can integrate all your operations, of multiple stores, and enjoy higher efficiency and time-effectiveness. From eBay to Shopify to Amazon—you can sync all and handle listing, inventories, feed and order fulfillment with much more ease.

These are 2 very common problems of new eBay sellers. Now you know how to tackle them, good luck with your heightened growth and sustainability.

Old techniques aren’t increasing your online sales? This will (definitely) help you

Sometimes, even with your best strategies in action, it gets extremely difficult to increase your online sales. After all, the sales depend on an awful lot of factors and not solely on, as is generally precepted, how cheap you’re offering your products at.

If you’re in the same ditch – ‘been there done that’ – and are struggling to boost your online revenue, it’s likely the best time to do what the profitable vendors have been doing for quite some months now.

MassGenie Marketplace seller

Sell on the crowdsourced marketplace

There’s a new way people are shopping online. Many customers have bid adieu the traditional e-commerce platforms and they are flocking to the crowdsourced marketplaces. These marketplaces have emerged to be a holy grail to strike never-before cheaper deals on high-quality, branded products. The basic concept is simple—the more people they are shopping with, the lower they will have to pay.

This model has been tried and tested already. And not just for the shoppers, it has helped even the sellers get big rewards. In chase of cheaper deals, the customers usually bring more people with them through social media channels (which includes a free promotion for your brand). This crowd shopping ends up boosting sellers’ revenue in a rather short span.

Sounds interesting?

Be an early adopter and join this trend along with other smart online sellers.

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So, register for the webinar today and give your online sales the biggest boost ever. Go here to register.

Short Guide To Selecting The Seller Softwares You Won’t Regret

Choosing the right ecommerce seller support solution these days is harder than you think considering the sheer range of options available with developers, both budding and established. Some softwares are usually poles apart in terms of features, compatibility with the operational systems, flexibility and more. There have been innumerable occasions over the years when sellers have fallen prey to confusion and landed with incompatible seller software options or outright bad ones that have contributed to nothing but hiccups and selling hassles through the course of usage.

To stay on the safer side of things, here is a small guide to choosing the right seller software solutions that you will never regret…

eBay Seller Software

Do your homework –

Firstly, you need to do your homework right. This basically involves identifying the aspects that you need assistance with.

Choose paid over free –

Paid softwares usually offer a wider array of features and are backed by added advantages like customer support, installation assistance, troubleshooting, regular updates and more; something that free options are not blessed with.

Take a close look at the feature list –

Assess the feature list of the chosen software and see if it contains features besides core operational processes like listing management, inventory / order management, tracking, reporting etc. Softwares that are designed to offer added advantages like optimization support, marketing support, payment integration support etc will always be worth your money.

Determine multichannel compatibility –

This applies to sellers that are either on the brink of starting multichannel endeavors or may consider the same sooner or later. The seller solutions should be able to support integrated ventures like Volusion Amazon eBay etc. with flair.

Opt for flexible and customizable options –

Flexibility of the softwares enables them to remain relevant through the ever evolving ecommerce landscape by adapting to the changes very appreciably. Customizability on the other hand ensures that you get to choose features for your seller support software, thereby paying only for features that you use and none others.

While all these guidelines are critically important, you will also have to ensure the authenticity of the providers so that you can be assured of the quality of these solutions.

5 Features Your Amazon Seller Software Must Possess

The quality of Amazon seller tools and softwares are determined by a number of factors… features included in the same being the first among the rest. In simple words, better the nature and scope of the features included in the software, better its relevance and worth would be. If you are a new seller looking forward to buying the best Amazon seller software that will help you gain tangible edge in competition while offering end to end operational efficiency and harmony, here are a few core features that your chosen solution must possess…

eBay Amazon integration

Extended automation support for core processes –

Amazon seller support solutions of the highest quality are known for offering automation of about 90% or more in core operations like listing, inventory / order management etc. This can save ample time in the part of sellers while offering extended protection from errors and faults.

Compatibility with your operative system –

For any seller support solution to work favorably, it has to be compatible with your operative system. If not, then even the best of options will send error messages and will hang every now and then leading to poor usage experience.

Improved tracking and reporting –

Real time is the word when it comes to improved tracking and reporting. If your Amazon seller software offers real time tracking and reporting features, you can be assured that you have landed with a high quality option.

Performance based secondary features –

Marketing features, optimization features, pricing and re pricing assistance, payment integration features, tax management and bank integration features are only a few to mention in this respect.

Multichannel compatibility –

Your seller software for Amazon must be compatible with integrated endeavors be it eBay Amazon integration best or any others for that matter. Solutions that are compatible with multichannel performance reduce requirements of added tools or plug-ins later.

Importance Of AR In Amazon Listing

What is AR?

AR stands for ‘augmented reality’, one of the most sought after steps in listing evolution that makes it easy for shoppers to bridge the touch-feel gap that usually exists in online purchases. Augmented reality is usually assisted with a number of value based strategies like short videos etc that help buyers gain better understanding of what to expect from the item they are interested in buying in terms of feel of the material, color, performance and more.

These days, Amazon listing software of higher quality, contain AR features that can assist sellers make the most of the same even with minimum experience.


How does it help Amazon listing?

There are multiple advantages of using AR not only in Amazon listing but in other top marketplaces like eBay, Walmart.com and more, some of which can be mentioned as follows…

  • Generating better purchase motivation among prospective buyers
  • Winning higher visibility and search ranking in Amazon
  • Enhanced performance of listing including better conversions
  • Instant competitive edge among competing sellers in the same product category, mainly those that have not included AR in their listing endeavors yet.

Basically, AR is on its way to becoming a necessity than an option. AR can also add to the performance of integrated endeavors like Amazon Magento Jet.com etc.

Who can help with AR?

More often than not, choosing high quality Amazon listing softwares that contain AR features can help massively in this direction. Serious sellers that wish to take things one step further can always seek professional assistance in improving their approach to augmented reality with better and more carefully designed strategies and implementation of the same. This may incur some expenses, but at the end of the day is worth the money spent.

To conclude, the sooner Amazon sellers start with their AR endeavors, more profitable their endeavors will be.

Quick Guide To eBay Amazon Integration

Integrating eBay and Amazon stores with other platforms of presence and shopping carts is of immense importance for serious sellers especially those that earn their income through their ecommerce presence. Integration as a process, be it Shopify Amazon integration or any others for that matter, directly contributes to automating core processes that need to be handled all at once in all platforms with ample protection from errors and faults. Sellers that carry out end to end integration experience innumerable benefits that include…

eBay Amazon Integration


  • Quick and error free handling of all core processes like listing management, inventory management, order control, payment management, taxes and revenue management and more through only one single user interface.
  • Access to an array of additional features that are equally applicable on all platforms like, pricing management, optimization features, marketing management, tracking, reporting and many more.
  • Access to managed services offered by the integration solution providers that allows sellers to customize the process to suit individual requirements
  • Protection from performance upheavals that are usually caused every time marketplaces improve their algorithms or take other evolutionary steps as such.

With all the advantages that integration is obvious, it is necessary for sellers to know that attempting integration of top platforms like Volusion eBay Amazon etc takes a lot of skills and experience. More often than not, it is not one of those processes that can be accomplished with the help of manuals or e learning. Therefore, it is always advised that sellers especially newer and the experienced ones seek professional services for the same.

For those that think professional services are very expensive, which happens to be one of the reasons why new sellers often fall back on self help, it will be good to know that integration services for top platforms can be availed in as less 250$ with no compromise on effectiveness.

3 Common Ecommerce Integration Myths Busted

Ecommerce integration as a process has been around for years together, but this has in no way contributed to minimizing myths surrounding the system especially with newer selling entities. Common misconceptions always play a role in making the latter develop unreal expectations from ecommerce integrations or dismissing the process altogether. This can lead to serious operational issues later, especially in top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Here is a small list of 3 common myths surrounding ecommerce integrations that need to be busted at the earliest…

Ecommerce Integration

Integration is expensive –

This is one of the most common myths surrounding integration mostly with respect to eBay processes involving top marketplaces and shopping carts like Shopify eBay integration etc. This is also one of those myths that have kept hundreds of new sellers from approaching the process altogether. The truth is, integration solutions these days are available in as little as 200$ or less. In fact, discounts offered by certain providers can lower the costs even further without compromising on the quality of the same.

Smaller sellers don’t need integration –

This myth has been keeping thousands of smaller sellers from accessing better opportunities for growth and productivity. Volume of sellers does not have much to do with integration unless you are a hobby seller in eBay that has only 1 item to sell. If you are a serious seller, marketplace to cart integration like eBay Bigcommerce integration etc. is the first and the most important step to experiencing optimum operational harmony.

Integration assures profits –

No integration services can ever offer assurance of profits. If you have however, come across services that assures tangible profits, there is a fair chance that the providers are inauthentic. Integration is only dedicated towards maximizing operational efficiency, automating essential operational processes and reducing chances of error and faults that are inevitable in manual efforts.

How To Spot Fake Ecommerce Software Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to judge the performance of ecommerce seller support solutions and make purchase / subscription decisions accordingly. However, these days, not all reviews are authentic and should thus, not be trusted. Inauthentic reviews whether Amazon listing software reviews or reviews on any other tools / support system for that matter are usually made by people that have never used the solutions themselves. These entities are hired by competing companies to create misinformation about the solution in order to gain and retain their own competitive deg.


Identifying inauthentic / fake reviews requires nothing more than a bit of focus and attention on the nature of the reviews which usually reflects the following aspects…

  • Firstly, inauthentic reviews severely lack details about the concerned ecommerce support solutions. The body of the review is mostly on scratch basics and usually involves derogatory remarks about the company or the software itself without focusing upon what actually went wrong.
  • Secondly, fake reviews usually host remarks on otherwise long term advantages that the software is supposed to offer immediately after its launch. This is practically impossible. For example, a list of eBay store management software reviews were released within a week after its launch by an anonymous user saying that it does nothing in terms of growing with growing business. Businesses usually take months or years to grow. Therefore, making this remark within a week of software launch makes the remark strictly questionable.
  • Thirdly, no response to communication made by the providers of the softwares is a clear indicative of the fact that the review has clear intensions of defaming the solution and nothing else.

A mini glimpse into the aspects of real reviews…

  • Minutest detail about the software is mentioned in the review. This includes the software version, installation details, evidence of real communication with the company including transactions etc.
  • The tone of the review is more about seeking a solution than bad mouthing the company or pleading with others not to buy the concerned software.
  • Immediate response to any communication made by the providers and helping them with necessary details to address the issue

3 Reasons Why You Need an Amazon Sellers Software (Immediately)

For many vendors, signing up for an Amazon sellers software seems like an unnecessary step. Maybe it’s the cost that puts them off; maybe it’s their lower profit. Regardless, in the dynamic e-commerce scene that we’re in where competition is at its all-time high, what once was optional and unnecessary has become essential, if you are to take your Amazon store to new heights.

Need an Amazon Sellers Software

If you’re an Amazon seller, here are 3 reasons why you need a reliable third-party seller software by your side right away:

1. To minimize the manual labor

Even when this marketplace has a nice dashboard and a host of facilities, product listing and inventory management on Amazon is a tedious task that includes a lot of labor. It’s easier to feel overwhelmed at times. To minimize all the hassle of manual work, it is best that you have an advanced solution that not only simplifies all the backend tasks but also even automate few of your activities, leaving you with enough time to handle other departments, like marketing.

2. To grow your business

Do you want more profit from your store? Do you want to grow your business? You can just expect Amazon to deliver you all, if yes. If you want to get to the next level, you need to expand to other platforms. You need to have multiple storefronts to reach more of your target customers. Of course, managing multiple stores is a big challenge; after all, you’re struggling with your Amazon store alone. This is where a third-party sellers software come that, if supporting multi-channel platforms, can integrate all your channels – from Amazon eBay to Shopify Jet.com – and facilitate seamless handling of each one of them from one single destination. Yes, with all your stores under one single roof synced with each other, you enjoy higher ease, efficiency, and quickness.

3. To seek expert advice and assistance

Even when you consider yourself a pro seller, there would be times when you would be stuck and feel clueless on the operational end. This is where an expert can help you with the problem. A good Amazon sellers software usually comes with the option of managed services; you can hire their experts to handle the backend activities of your store. Also, such solution has pretty fluent customer support who you can rely on for all your technical problems. A store running smoothly and consistently is bound to grow.

These are 3 reasons why every Amazon seller requires a third-party sellers software. If you haven’t got one for yourself already, do your research and find a top industry name.

3 Ways Online Sellers ‘Waste Money’

Thousands of online sellers use third-party e-commerce solutions like Bigcommerce plugin. But not necessarily do they all get the same rewards. So many of them, even with a limited budget, misguided and clueless, end up wasting their capital. Are you one of them?

Here are 3 ways online sellers waste their money:

Bigcommerce Shopify eBay Integration

1. Marketing without an aim

Not marketing is bad; marketing without a purpose is even worse. Sadly, this is what many online vendors do. They spend irrelevantly on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, banners, and social media campaigns—all without having a strategic aim. Yes, they want to sell. But just putting up an ad telling people what they offer would never convert. They must have a sales funnel and then strategies positioned properly that ensure marketing effort converts efficiently and quickly. Many sellers, however, don’t have a strategy; they just spend money.

2. Launching multiple storefronts

Yes, having more than one stores can be beneficial. It can help you reach more of your target customers, add to your visibility and spread your brand. However, this bet isn’t always as rewarding. Being a multi-channel seller is extremely hectic. And the return, often, doesn’t match the efforts and investment. Meaning, launching and running multiple stores can end up being a liability for you that doesn’t yield any measurable profit. So, when you’re trying to grow your business, you must be extremely careful and assured about the decision.

3. Investing in bad quality solutions

Having an e-commerce solution by your side is no less than essential today. But then given there are so many third-party party solution providers in the market out there, picking a good quality one is a difficult task. More often than not sellers would end up signing up for wrong e-commerce partner who wouldn’t even provide the base-level features like Shopify eBay integration. They would just eat up the money and not give the promised returns in any form or way. Why do you think experts stress that you must be VERY careful when selecting your e-commerce partners?

These are 3 ways how online sellers waste money. Don’t be one of them. Fix the leakages, boost your productivity and take your business to the next level.