4 Rules To Remember When You Sell On Amazon

Amazon can be quite stern and unrelenting when it comes to dealing with sellers who refuse to play by the rules. In very simple words, if you think you are smart, Amazon is way smarter and is equipped with superior intelligence to identify foul play. So, if you wish to rule Amazon, you will have to start with abiding by the rules. Here is the first set of the basic 4 tenets that you must never ignore as you sell on Amazon

  • Bring products that are accepted by Amazon – This is basically means that you will have to read through the list of products and product categories that is ‘not acceptable’ in this platform and refrain from introducing the same in your catalogue.
  • Never play with fakes – Amazon is the most reputed and thus, the most trustworthy e commerce platform in the world. So, you as an Amazon seller should never try to give away fakes in the name of reputed brands or give wrong information about products to increase it worth falsely. The rule is to stay strictly clear of doing anything that would tarnish the image of this top marketplace.
  • Stay clear of anything that causes order cancellations in your part – Amazon does not appreciate order cancellations especially those that are initiated in your part. This can happen because of poor management of your inventory or shipping practices. As a solution, try fortifying your Amazon store with the right support solutions.
  • Respect Buyers’ interests – Whether it is about keeping all channels of communication with your customers free of clutter, keeping them informed about their purchases tracking details etc. or initiating their requests for returns or refunds, you will have to ensure keeping your customer’s interests at top priority. Being unresponsive to your customers can cause bad reviews which will eventually make you walk through the grand exit.

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