Top Consequences Of Messing Up eBay Amazon Listing And Inventory Management

E commerce marketplaces are becoming very strict about the rules and regulations that have been established for the sellers functioning under their roof. This is especially true for top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay that always endeavor to improve shopping experience of customers by the passing minute. Sellers are thus, expected to abide by and respect the standards spelt out by these marketplaces mainly with respect to the critical processes of listing and inventory management solely for the reason that these are the two pillars that determine the success or failure of any e commerce venture.

eBay Amazon listing and inventory management therefore, carry a lot of weight in the sense that the very future of the vendors in these two marketplaces can be dependent on these processes. Here are some of the common consequences that vendors have faced when they were not too careful with the same…

Poor product ranking – This is usually the consequence of poor listing practices. When products are not listed according to the requirements of the concerned marketplace, it can be taken for granted that they will not show anywhere close when customers search for the same.

Outcome – loss of customers to competitors.

Unnecessary order cancellations and returns – This is usually the consequence of poor inventory management and not staying in tune with the inflow and outflow of stock. Wrong listing (mismatched image, quantity, price etc) on the other hand, can cause buyers to return the purchased item and seek refunds.

Outcome – Unfavorable reputation in eBay / Amazon

Poor reviews from customers – This is usually a combined outcome of poor listing as well as poor inventory management. Repeated returns, order cancellations, delayed shipping, double charging and associated hassles bring very poor reviews from the buyers. this is entertained neither by Amazon nor by eBay.

Outcome – Loss of prospective buyers, inviting warning from the marketplaces

Warning from platform or exit – Ignoring eBay Amazon inventory management and listing can eventually lead vendors to getting ousted from these top marketplaces and this is an unceremonious event that is best when avoided.


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