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How Can You Get Items off eBay?

Whether you are managing eBay or inventory, you need to get your listed products out of the store that you are an affiliate of. It might be that you have lost or misplaced a specific product or do not want to sell it for some reason or other. One of the biggest marketplaces online, eBay allows sellers to list their products for consumers to purchase. You can remove products listings easily from your eBay seller account. However, you need to keep in mind that eBay lets sellers remove items only in case it is less than 12 hours after the listing has been posted. Here are the steps to get items off your eBay account.

Log into your eBay account

First of all, you need to log into your seller account on eBay. Visit and sign into the system with your email id and password. Find your seller account page and check out your dashboard.

Find the product that you wish to remove

Check out your “End My Listing Early” homepage by making use of the link that has been provided in the in Resources section. Enter the “item number” related to the product that you wish to remove from the system. Click on the “Continue” option. You will find the item no. on your product listing and also the email for listing confirmation that has been sent to your inbox. If the process looks difficult for you, getting assistance from Magento inventory management service providers can be useful.

Remove the item

Once you have found out the product, click on the option “Cancel bids and end listing early”. Once this is done, click on the option “Continue”.

Offer the reason

You will be shown a box that prompts why you wish to remove the product and terminate your listing ahead of time. Type the reason in and click on the option “Continue”. This will help remove the product.

While Amazon takes up to 24 hours to remove product listings, eBay immediately removes a listing from the system. After you submit the reason, there are no other procedures that you have to go through.

How to Add an Amazon Product Widget to Your Blog?

In the last few years, Amazon has become one of the biggest online marketplaces trusted by millions of people for buying and selling various types of items. Many online sellers choose to become Amazon Associates and display products from the store on their blog or website. They get commissions from the sales of these items made due to visitors clicking on these links. When you are using eBay Amazon tool, you can choose to display products from Amazon through widgets. Cute interactive applications, widgets can help visitors to your blog interact with Amazon without leaving your blog. Find out how you can add an Amazon product widget to your blog.

Log into the Amazon Associates account

If you do not already have an Amazon Associates account, open one. Amazon allows you to create one for free. Following email verification, you can start using your account. Use your email id and password to log into your Amazon Associates account.

Choose your widget

At the top of your Amazon Associates account page, you will find the option called “Widgets”. Click on it and choose the widget that you would like to showcase. Some of the widgets let you select which items you wish to showcase, such as My Favorite widgets or Carousel widgets. Other widgets such as eBay Amazon listing software can let your blog visitors search the Amazon online store from your blog. In case you do not wish to select particular items, you may use the widget “Product Cloud” that displays different items that are relevant to your blog.

Customize the widget

Once you have selected the widget, customize it. Choose the items. If required, you may choose the size as well as the layout of your widget. Once you have finished customizing your widget, click on the button “Add to my Web page” that is placed at the bottom of the page. You will find a pop-up box with the HTML code that has to be added to the blog. If you are using a platform like Blogger or WordPress, you will get step by step directions from Amazon to known how and where you can integrate the code that you have been provided.

4 Mistakes Every Amazon Seller Should Avoid

With the economy not looking up still, many people are looking for way to make a good passive income. Selling on Amazon is being found as quite profitable for making additional income from home. However, new sellers without enough experience and know-how about product sales often end up making some basic errors which result in unsatisfied buyers, lower sales and even suspension of accounts in some cases. Read on and find out about the 4 basic mistakes that are often made by Amazon sellers. If you avoid these as a seller Amazon might not take it too kindly.

Perplexing titles

Give clean and concise titles to each item that you showcase on your listing page on Amazon. Often, sellers tend to stuff their product titles with keywords in order to make them rank better on the search results. Do not include exclamatory words, adjectives or unnecessary information into the titles.

Not keeping Amazon-appropriate photos

The Product Image Requirements section of Amazon clearly mention that all the photos uploaded onto the website should be in focus, kept on a pristine white backdrop and not have any inset images or graphics or any extra text. Many new sellers, especially those habituated to selling on eBay, tend to flout this policy. Amazon follows strict rules about keeping a professional catalog. You can use 3d cart Amazon to make the process easier for yourself.

Entering wrong weights

Many sellers end up entering wrong product weights for the items offered on FBA. FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that allows sellers to ship various products to the warehouses of Amazon. Once the item is sold, the order is fulfilled or shipped by Amazon. While a new item is entered in the catalog, sellers have to be cautious about properly entering the weight for it. Otherwise, they have to pay additional fees for the product. Many sellers tend to commonly enter wrong weight for the items.

Sending glass containers

There are strict rules in FBA regarding the type of items that can be sent to the fulfillment center of Amazon. Even if you send glass containers, they should not be over 4 ounces and have to be bubble wrapped. The container should also last after a drop test of 3 feet on concrete surface.

Refunding Customers in Magento – How Can You Do It?

The e-commerce software of Magento allows you to create as well as maintain a storefront online. There is a merchant interface in this platform which consists of varied features and lets you manage an online store with success. There is a premium Enterprise edition as well as a free of cost Community edition. With both editions, you can manage orders, run custom reports, view and edit client profiles and even issue refunds to buyers. Find out how you can issue refunds with the Magento eBay platform.

Access your present orders

Vissit and sign into your own account. You will find an administrative panel being automatically displayed. Move to the “Sales” tab located on the upper left section of the window of your admin panel. From the drop-down menu, click on the option “Order”. You will find a list of all your present orders being displayed.

Find your order to refund

If you find the process difficult, enlist help from any of the companies offering comparison shopping feed management and other assistive services. If you do not, move through the order list and choose the order you would like to refund. Click on the link “View” that is shown up beside the order. In order to initiate the process of refunding, click on the tab “Credit Memo”. This will produce a credit memo.

Check the number of products to refund

Move down the order page. Check the section for “Items to Refund”. Find the “Qty to Refund” section adjacent to the item that you wish to issue a product refund for. Once you have got the field, enter the number of items to refund. For instance, you need to type in the number “3” in case you will be refunding 3 items. Check the “Return to Stock” field in case the items were given back to the store. Do not check if no returns were made.

Send an email confirmation

Click on the “Email Copy of Credit Memo” option to send a confirmation email automatically to the buyer being refunded. You will be shown a window, where you can adjust the refund further.

Confirm the refund amount

Move to the section “Total Refund” on the window and ensure you are typing in correct refund amount. Once you are sure, click on the tab “Refund” to update invoice and reports automatically. Return to Orders page by pressing the back button.

Top Fears Of New Amazon Sellers Busted

Worries and fears, serious thinking and losing sleep night after night are some of the common symptoms of apprehension that almost all new sellers in Amazon are seen to display. Very seldom has the world of e commerce in this decade come across brave hearts that landed with the sheer confidence of gaining instant growth and profits in this ever expanding platform. In very simple words, most of the fresh debuting Amazon sellers are literally seen to panic as their efforts go online. The good news is, scary as this may sound, it is possible to overcome some of the most common fears with a carefully chalked and calculated approach.

Firstly, the thought of losing to competition just after setting foot in Amazon is the first fear that surrounds newbies. This can be taken care of by seeking guidance about the ways and means to develop a powerful presence in Amazon right from Day 1. Developing awareness about Amazon and keeping the best practices in mind can work wonders in favor of the newbies. Being thorough with Amazon Seller Central is also one of the most potent ways to gain an edge in competition.

Secondly, newbies are also seen to get nervous about being clueless about how to run operations in Amazon without falling victims to errors and flaws. This is especially with respect to managing inventory, listing, order completion and many more. The solution lies in using the right softwares that are dedicated to address each of these critical operational processes. Using applicable softwares will automate, condense and streamline the otherwise herculean and seemingly unmanageable task to bare minimum.

Cost of support solutions have also been a cause of worry for many newbies. The truth is, there are a number of e commerce solution providers today who offer functional solutions for an astonishingly small price!

Americommerce eBay Integration Features All Sellers Must Aim

Americommerce is one of those few web store solutions that have been evolving ever since it was established in 2015. At present, it powers hundreds of e commerce stores from around the world with ample scope of growth and success. This promising web store solution has also been awarded for introducing uniquely functional e commerce software solutions that have helped sellers generate over 4 billion dollars over the past few years.


With all its extended benefits, the ever motivated Americommerce web store solutions however can require a little help when it comes to launching power packed performance in eBay. Being one of the top two marketplaces that runs on bidding, it is imperative to initiate and establish perfect syncing with eBay for achieving optimum goals.

When it comes to establishing Americommerce eBay integration, sellers must focus on certain primary advantages that start with real time inventory management. Considering the fact that the flow of business in eBay is way too speedy, it is more than just necessary for sellers to be in tune with the inflow and outflow of stock by the assign second. This will ensure eradicating any chances of errors like over selling or under selling and any other associated damages.

Assistance with aspects like keeping in tune with customer details, tracking and storing the same is also important. This will always offer an edge in competition which is extremely critical while functioning in this mega platform. This should be followed by seeking updated and evolved features for pricing and re pricing which will go a very long way in keeping listed items at the top of the search list.

All these advanced syncing solutions are not just applicable for Americommerce solutions in eBay but just about every other solution as well. These features must be sought while seeking Magento eBay, CS Cart eBay or Shopify eBay integration as well.

eBay Amazon Listing – Things To Remember

Amazon and eBay are two of the top marketplaces that have managed to hold their ranking for years together. Offering superior shopping experience to buyers has always been their motto and they have both set examples as far as living up to the expectations is concerned. A chunk of their success can be contributed to the fact that extended lenience is never allowed to sellers who participate in these marketplaces. The rules for seller behavior in these platforms have been spelt out in stringent terms and conditions which is best when followed. There are barely any smart hacks and short cuts that can make sellers shine in Amazon or eBay which makes it imperative for the former to play by the rules from day 1.

Playing by the rules always begins with proper eBay Amazon listing. These platforms take the process of listing very seriously and this is often considered the first step that sellers need to excel in. Proper listing in Amazon and eBay can help sellers gain a competitive edge in product rankings and thus enhance their scope for more traffic towards their store and resultant profits. Not listing in tune with the requirements of the platform can push all endeavors back in competition which is best avoided in these platforms. In cases where items are listed against the list of acceptable products in these marketplaces, the sellers can face instant suspension of account.

When it comes to managing eBay and Amazon listing, the best practices always commence with gaining proper understanding about the requirements before setting foot in the platform. Listing the right products that are acceptable to the platform is critically important. Following the guidelines about what to include and what not to include in the titles or images is also crucial to the last word. For ensuring flawlessness in listing, sellers are always advised to use software solutions that are dedicated to the purpose.