How to Add an Amazon Product Widget to Your Blog?

In the last few years, Amazon has become one of the biggest online marketplaces trusted by millions of people for buying and selling various types of items. Many online sellers choose to become Amazon Associates and display products from the store on their blog or website. They get commissions from the sales of these items made due to visitors clicking on these links. When you are using eBay Amazon tool, you can choose to display products from Amazon through widgets. Cute interactive applications, widgets can help visitors to your blog interact with Amazon without leaving your blog. Find out how you can add an Amazon product widget to your blog.

Log into the Amazon Associates account

If you do not already have an Amazon Associates account, open one. Amazon allows you to create one for free. Following email verification, you can start using your account. Use your email id and password to log into your Amazon Associates account.

Choose your widget

At the top of your Amazon Associates account page, you will find the option called “Widgets”. Click on it and choose the widget that you would like to showcase. Some of the widgets let you select which items you wish to showcase, such as My Favorite widgets or Carousel widgets. Other widgets such as eBay Amazon listing software can let your blog visitors search the Amazon online store from your blog. In case you do not wish to select particular items, you may use the widget “Product Cloud” that displays different items that are relevant to your blog.

Customize the widget

Once you have selected the widget, customize it. Choose the items. If required, you may choose the size as well as the layout of your widget. Once you have finished customizing your widget, click on the button “Add to my Web page” that is placed at the bottom of the page. You will find a pop-up box with the HTML code that has to be added to the blog. If you are using a platform like Blogger or WordPress, you will get step by step directions from Amazon to known how and where you can integrate the code that you have been provided.


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