Improper Amazon listing can get you penalized- here’s how to avoid that

Amazon Listings come with a range of regulations, restrictions and challenges that this prominent retail destination has made very clear with hundreds of pointers on multiple, long Terms & Conditions’ pages. But supposedly, if you are like the majority, you would have care less about actually reading them all when signing up. Blindly ticking that ‘Yes, I have read…’ tab- we’ve all been there.

But the problem is, unlike any other e-commerce websites, Amazon is pretty serious about its Terms and Conditions and people who don’t comply with them; after all that’s how it has become the biggest online retail destination in the world. This makes it very important for the online vendors to read their instructions and terms and not violate them; else one of these can happen-

  • You can get your listings cancel.
  • Your listing privileges will be limited or suspended.
  • Your listing privileges will be removed as a whole.

But there lies another problem. Even if you are well informed about Amazon’s listing regulations and following instructions, you cannot guarantee that there isn’t any room for mistakes; mistakes that won’t lead to the cancellation of your Amazon listing privileges. This is where Amazon listing software comes in handy.

Listing is more than just about… listing

Amazon listing, unlike believed by many rookies, is much more than just adding products blindly. A lot needs to be taken care of even within the limited numbers of tasks like writing products’ title and description sensibly for better ranking on Search Engine and for better conversion rate; not exceeding the characters’ number cap; listing them under the right categories and sub-categories and much more. All these can be quite a hassle; even more if you’re selling many types of products and on multiple platforms.

Amazon Listing Software Can Do Much More

These Amazon listing software help you manage all your product listings from a single platform; plus they also automate your inventory updates, making sure there are no errors with oversell and undersell. Additionally, at times when needed, these SaaS (Software as a Service) providers can assist you personally to make your tasks even simpler and more efficient.

Aside from that, this software also offers an easy multi-channel integration where you can sync multiple marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and webstores with Amazon. This ease up all your hassle-filled tasks of going to different platforms individually and updating everything manually.

So if you are looking to make more sales, and willing to go up from being a rookie to a pro on this giant marketplace, you should definitely use these easy-to-use Amazon listing software.

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Get assistance from ChannelSale for automated product listing, multi-channel ecommerce marketing program, optimizing and management of the product inventory data feed and much more.

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