Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plus Listing Software- A Match to Accelerate Your Sales

The wise words read, “Visibility on internet is everything”; and this is very well true in the today’s e-commerce industry. If you improve your Amazon ranking, your products’ sales number will reach to the moon. But the problem is, as simple as it may sound, optimizing your Amazon listing is lot more complex, and you have to work pretty hard to get better ranking- on Amazon itself, as well as on Google.

Internet is filled with DIY tips

Assumingly you must have come across heaps of blogs and pages that explains ‘step-by-step’ as to how you can optimize your Amazon product listing, improve your overall rankings, get more exposure in the market, and increase your sales. Some of the most clichéd ones include-

  • Stuffing keywords in titles
  • Encouraging customers’ reviews or buying reviews (yep, people sell reviews)
  • Selling your product at the cheapest price
  • Marketing your Amazon store on different platforms for better SEO
  • Rooting for paid advertisements or Amazon’s ‘sponsored products’

While all these may work to an extent, these blogs or write-ups usually skip one very important method of improving your sales- automating your Amazon listing; something that big companies use.

Automating Amazon Listings

If you have been selling on Amazon for a while now, you would know that this premier marketplace allows you to list your single or bulk products using API. You can use this API feature to sync your every other marketplaces, webstores and comparison shopping engines with Amazon.

How does it help?

Being on many marketplaces and shopping engines will not-so-secretly increase your visibility and improve your ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP); plus it will also provides your potential customers ample of choices to ease up their buying process. But the challenge here is that doing this- being everywhere (selling on multiple channels)- takes up your hours and considerable amount of energy that you should have otherwise spent on improving or making your products. And this is where using API comes in; and this is where using Amazon listing software comes in.

Using Amazon API (or AWS) features via Channel Sale

Amazon listing software optimizes your Amazon as well as Search Engine visibility effectively. You get a single user-friendly interface to manage multiple channels quite easily; from updating the products and their descriptions to handling the inventories and shipping process (FBA, as well as any third-party). Or to put it in simple words, such software is the ultimate hootsuite of e-commerce industry- a must have for every online vendor.


About ChannelSale

Get assistance from ChannelSale for automated product listing, multi-channel ecommerce marketing program, optimizing and management of the product inventory data feed and much more.

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