How Amazon Listing Blunders Affect Buyer Experience Directly

There is a reason why Amazon is so particular about its listing policies. By now, sellers in this platform have come to understand the importance of abiding by the rules following a chain of unfortunate circumstances that the delinquent parties have sadly experienced.  There are two reasons why almost all top marketplaces have their unique listing policies. The first reason is directly favorable for the sellers whose products can gain enhanced discoverability through proper listing in Amazon. The second reason is to improve purchase experience of buyers in this marketplace many times over so that they keep returning for more.

Of the two, Amazon has always been more conscious about the second reason. It has also done its bit in inculcating the fact into all sellers functioning in this platform that any negligence in the process of Amazon listing that contribute to poor shopping experience in the part of the sellers can be dealt with dire consequences. More often than not, improper listing that can affect buyer experience has got everything to do with misleading the latter while making their purchase. Say for example, images not matching with the product title, discounts showcased in the products not actually applied, mentioning wrong quantities of the products etc can be mentioned in this respect.

Such errors can go a very long way in increasing the order defect rate in the part of the sellers which can again spell troubles in many ways than one. Increased order defect rate is one of the scariest hassles that take sellers away from their goals of winning buy box eligibility if not inviting warnings from Amazon in the first place. As far as buyers are concerned, most of them hold Amazon responsible for poor purchase experience than the individual sellers themselves. Wastage of time in the entire process of receiving wrong products, sending the same back and waiting for returns / refunds can be truly annoying which can prevent them from making any further purchases anytime soon.


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