What Not To Do While Optimizing Data Feed

ChannelSale logo2  Feed optimization is one of those critical processes that have been marked as mandatory for all e commerce merchants who wish to gain better visibility in top e commerce marketplaces and comparison shopping platforms. However, not all can manage to land with the best of strategies and the best of practices to make data feed optimization work the desired way. It has been seen in most of the unsuccessful cases that certain mistakes were made over and over again. Basically, staying away from these mistakes can help carry the cause of optimization to newer horizons.

data feed management

Compromising organic optimization – Organic optimization refers to using legitimate means of feed improvement. Using the right keywords in the titles of the products makes all the difference in the process. However, certain sellers who get a little carried away tend to stuff the titles with keywords till it makes no sense at all to the buyers who may be looking through the product in the first place. Keyword stuffing may make the product instantly visible to the search engines of the platform, but certainly in a bad light. This practice has been warned against particularly while creating eBay Amazon product feed.

amzon product feed

Going manual while locating right keywords – Keywords hunting can be a manual process but it is best when tools are used for the purpose. Using softwares for keyword searching is always better because they save time and are more accurate. Going manual with the hope of saving a few dollars on softwares can compromise on time and quality thereby exposing the process to trial and error. No one has time for trial end errors these days in the world of e commerce.

Being lenient with descriptions – While optimizing data feed, a whole lot lies in the descriptions. This is true with marketplaces as well as comparison shopping platforms. Compromising on the quality of descriptions can weaken a product feed by miles.


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