Say No To These Temptations in Multichannel Selling

Multichannel selling has its share of temptations to deal with. While it is true that the promises that come with selling over multiple platforms of sale is way too high, not many can deny that it comes with a flip side as well. Here are some of the common temptations that lead sellers to experience the darker side of multichannel selling that could otherwise have been avoided…

Giving critical softwares a miss

Many sellers often agree that they had made the mistake of giving very important softwares a miss solely because they wanted to save money. These softwares include multichannel listing and inventory management solutions, order completion and tracking solutions etc. This is the first step to landing in the quick sand of operational issues that can actually pull the venture down to non existence. Multichannel selling softwares is a must at all times and no enthusiastic seller should even think of starting without the support of the most suitable options.

Free softwares for anything

Choosing free softwares can often be worse than using no automating softwares at all. Free softwares are often incomplete as far as essential features are concerned and they also lack customer support setup. This is more than enough to cause a crash.

Listing everything everywhere

Many sellers think that listing everything everywhere is the best solution to making profits. For example, many seller believe that if you have a successful running Amazon listing, the same list will perform in the same way everywhere. In very simple words, it is not true. Different platforms of sale are known for different product categories thus inviting different types of visitors who may not be interested in everything you sell.

So, if you import complete listing in every marketplace and comparison shopping platform, you may end up paying for listing that fetches you no money at the end of the day. The temptation to offer your complete spread in every marketplace is thus, the worst among all temptations that could grip you while multichannel selling.


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