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4 Tools You Must Always Have Handy While Selling In Amazon

Selling in Amazon always gets easier when sellers are amply supported with the right set of tools. Considering the pace that this marketplace has developed over the past few years, commencing operations without the assistance of appropriate softwares and tools can cause the efforts to bring no results at all.

Based on seller reviews and opinions, here are 4 Amazon selling tools that are of critical importance while selling in Amazon for sure shot profits and growth…

  • Fee Calculation tools – Understanding the fee structure of Amazon is a tiresome process. There are just too many slots that are ever ready to claim a part of your profits. Whether it is the marketplace fee and FBA fee or warehouse rent and commissions, inexperienced sellers often find the lion’s share of profits going to Amazon and not their wallets.

    Using fee calculation tools on the other hand can help sellers get the exact amount of profits they make on a select listing price and conduct their selling processes accordingly.

  • Fraud Prevention tools –These tools are basically designed to identify fraudulent transactions and prevent losses in the part of sellers. These solutions alert the sellers about inauthentic bank accounts and payment frauds which helps the former stop shipping and cancel orders when there is still time.
  • Pricing / re pricing – Prices in Amazon change by the minute. Keeping in tune with the changes and altering prices in your own listing is crucial to stay ahead in competition. Approaching this process manually can be very tedious and thoroughly flawed. Using pricing / re pricing tools though can help maximizing results while minimizing efforts.
  • Review management – Amazon takes reviews and ratings very seriously. The process of attracting more positive reviews while managing the negative ones can get very easy with the assistance of tools designed for the purpose.

These tools can be accessed from third party e commerce solution developers who have established reputation in high quality integrations like Magento Amazon, Shopify eBay etc. More often than not, thoughtful providers ensure pricing these tools very affordably.

4 Steps To Productive Amazon Listing Without Using Softwares

The ultimate route to winning maximum visibility, traffic and conversions in Amazon may lie in the art of listing in the platform. How you present your products determines how compatible it will be with the search engines and how easily locatable it will be to your target buyers. If you are competing to put your products in the Amazon Buy Box, improving your listing quality could be the first step you could take towards this direction.

As of now, the world of Amazon sellers does not know any better than using proper softwares to get the process of Amazon listing and optimization right. However, small start ups with a handful of products to sell can achieve optimum results without using softwares or tools. Here are 5 tips that the latter can use for the purpose…

  • Keep the titles within 8 words – Keeping titles within tolerable comprehensive word count will make it more attractive to buyers as well as Amazon search engines. If your products titles are short and sweet, you are likely to gain increased visibility.
  • Research on the most suitable keywords to include in the titles – Optimizing titles with power packed keywords that best describe the product will make it shine through competition. You may have to conduct some research on the right keywords for a couple of days, but then, it is always time well spent.
  • Have your product images clicked by professionals – Images matter in Amazon, eBay and all other top performing marketplaces. Clean professional background and HD quality images always gain better response from target buyers.
  • Spend some time reading what makes the best descriptions and apply the same Functional details in bullet points that buyers don’t have to scroll down to read makes your Amazon listing worthy.
  • Pricing is important – Most Amazon eBay selling softwares come with some pricing assistance. When you are not using softwares, you are on your own while deciding competitive prices. Close research of how competitors have listed their products can help massively. You will also need to take often un-highlighted aspects like shipping charges into consideration.

How To Move Stale Inventory In Amazon eBay Warehouses

Stale inventory can cause a lot of issues in the part of the owners of the same. And when the stale inventory is lying in the warehouses of Amazon and eBay, a whole lot of investments can flow out in the form of rent while not fetching any profit from any immobile unit whatsoever. The best way to address stale inventory is to have it moved productively and here are 5 ways you can do it successfully…

  • Be aware – This is the first step you need to take while moving stale inventory from your warehouses. Many times, poor Amazon eBay inventory management systems drive immobile inventory to invisibility. This happens very often when sellers opt for order fulfillment solutions like FBA which minimizes control of sellers on their inventory.
    Using proper FBA integration systems can help the latter stay aware of their inventory status and know which item in their listing is fetching no sale at all. Approaching e commerce solution providers who offer high quality integration solutions like API integration, Walmart marketplace integration etc can help.
  • Introduce bundles – Teaming stale products with popular products in bundle deals work wonders in having them moved. ‘Buy 2 and get so-and-so free’ works online as well.
  • You have to manage prices to make it a ‘now or never’ deal – There is something about ‘now or never’ deals that creates a sense of urgency among thrifty buyers. If you reintroduce stale products with fresh prices and purchase incentives, they may gain attention from innumerable enthusiasts.
  • Rake up good reviews – If items in your stale inventory lists rake up good reviews after a couple of successful sales, don’t forget to highlight the same in the best possible way. This will work wonders in convincing are innumerable potential buyers to give the deal a shot for good.
  • Scrap old listing – Relisting products can help gain a fresh outlook in favor of the product. Putting up a fresh pictures, optimized titles and descriptions can refresh the stale items to gain better sale.

Quick Tips To Find The Best eBay Listing Software

Product listing in eBay is getting more and more complicated by the passing days mostly after Cassini was brought into effect, leaving sellers clueless about mapping their strategies perfectly to experience optimum visibility and conversions. Changes in the search engine have also stirred the necessity to upgrade listing softwares to older versions to those that are more evolved and more compatible with Cassini.

At this very minute, hundreds of eBay sellers are searching for the best eBay listing software that can assist them not just with the basics but cater to extended requirements as well. If you are among this lot, these quick tips to locate the most compatible listing software for eBay are sure to be of help…

  • This may be time to look away from free options – 

Free eBay listing softwares may be compatible with the interests of small sellers or hobby sellers. But if your efforts are more serious, you will have to go for the paid options that are more feature-dense and evolved in nature.

  • System compatibility needs to be checked –

Different softwares are designed to suit different operative systems which makes it necessary to check compatibility before signing up for the same. If you get carried away by the features and forget to check if the solution is compatible with your system or not, you may land with the one of the best eBay listing software that is of no use to you.

  • Software must contain basic optimization advantages – 

When it comes to Amazon eBay inventory management and listing, you cannot do without optimization advantages. Therefore, while choosing the solutions, you will have to check if it offers basic optimization benefits. This will go a long way in shielding you from a concoction of softwares later in future.

  • Always approach reliable providers – 

Approaching reliable providers will ensure that you receive solutions that are actually suitable to your needs and that too at justified prices. You may also receive help as far as installation and integration is concerned.

Data Feed Management For New E-commerce Sellers

What is Data Feed Management?

When you launch yourself in the world of e commerce in a marketplace or comparison shopping platform of your choice, you need to let the products in your stock go live so that target buyers can see them, taken interest in them and eventually place orders for the same. The process of feed-upload in bare basic terms refers to introducing your products in the marketplace with suitable titles, descriptions, images and most importantly, prices. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that it is the quality of your data feed that determines the level of conversions you will experience.

The process of data feed management though, has wider meaning. This involves usage and application of strategies that make their product feed more attractive in comparison with competitors’ feed. Making titles, descriptions, images and prices more compatible with the target buyers forms the most important part of this process.

How to Manage Data Feed for Visible Profits –

  • Optimize your feed without fail –

This is the first essential aspect of proper feed management. Proper optimization improves visibility of the feed and makes them more compatible with the search engines of the platforms.

The task of optimization and pricing management can be accomplished very easily with the help of software solutions. Using the latter will automate the essential processes that would otherwise have claimed hours of every single day.

  • Play by the rules of the marketplace comparison shopping site –

Playing by the rules of concerned platform is imperative. Top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are very particular about their data feed policies. Sellers who do not follow the rules are shown the door without second thoughts.

  • Integrate your cart with the chosen platform of sale –

Integrating your shopping cart with your chosen marketplace is critical when it comes to establishing error free data feed management. For example, if you are a Shopify powered seller performing in Amazon, you will have to carry out Shopify Amazon integration to achieve optimum data feed control.