4 Steps To Productive Amazon Listing Without Using Softwares

The ultimate route to winning maximum visibility, traffic and conversions in Amazon may lie in the art of listing in the platform. How you present your products determines how compatible it will be with the search engines and how easily locatable it will be to your target buyers. If you are competing to put your products in the Amazon Buy Box, improving your listing quality could be the first step you could take towards this direction.

As of now, the world of Amazon sellers does not know any better than using proper softwares to get the process of Amazon listing and optimization right. However, small start ups with a handful of products to sell can achieve optimum results without using softwares or tools. Here are 5 tips that the latter can use for the purpose…

  • Keep the titles within 8 words – Keeping titles within tolerable comprehensive word count will make it more attractive to buyers as well as Amazon search engines. If your products titles are short and sweet, you are likely to gain increased visibility.
  • Research on the most suitable keywords to include in the titles – Optimizing titles with power packed keywords that best describe the product will make it shine through competition. You may have to conduct some research on the right keywords for a couple of days, but then, it is always time well spent.
  • Have your product images clicked by professionals – Images matter in Amazon, eBay and all other top performing marketplaces. Clean professional background and HD quality images always gain better response from target buyers.
  • Spend some time reading what makes the best descriptions and apply the same Functional details in bullet points that buyers don’t have to scroll down to read makes your Amazon listing worthy.
  • Pricing is important – Most Amazon eBay selling softwares come with some pricing assistance. When you are not using softwares, you are on your own while deciding competitive prices. Close research of how competitors have listed their products can help massively. You will also need to take often un-highlighted aspects like shipping charges into consideration.

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