Your Quickest Route To Go Live In Walmart Marketplace

Going live in at this phase of e commerce evolution usually indicates blissful growth and astonishing levels of profits. However, it is well known by enthusiastic third party sellers that the process of set up and commencing selling can weeks to months of time. Gaining enlightenment about the process of establishing presence in and learning the best practices for that same can be of massive assistance though. Here is a quick list of necessary steps that can help sellers go live in the shortest possible time.

  • Be informed before Send your application If you wish to sell on Walmart marketplace at the earliest, it is preferable that you are a brand owner or category leader in comparison with a reseller / retailer. Walmart always prefers the former and will thus favor their applications first.
  • Send your listing for approval once accepted When Walmart accepts your application, you will need to send your listing for approval. While doing so, gain some enlightenment about popular products in your category and ensure sending the same first. At the same time, you can also price the products favorably in tune with the requirements of which will help immensely in going live in the shortest possible time.
  • Let professionals handle set up and integration – Never attempt integration on your own. The process is usually complex and calls for technical skills. It is best to leave the same to professionals than fall victim to trial and error. E commerce solution developers who offer otherwise complex solutions like Shopify integration etc, also offer high quality Walmart set up and integrations as well.
  • Happy selling – Once set up and integration is complete, it may take only a couple of weeks to go live and conduct the business of your dreams. The process may appear slightly lengthy, but is worth the wait.

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