5 Important FAQs of new Amazon store owners

With a dream to make riches that thousands of people launch their Amazon store. Less do they know though, things aren’t as fairytale-esque as the success stories have had them believe. Particularly for the newbies who have less to no clue how to handle things around, selling on Amazon, or any marketplace for that matter, could be a tricky business.

Here are 5 important FAQs that almost always bother the new Amazon sellers-

  1. How to win Amazon’s Buy Box?

Almost 70 per cent of sales on Amazon are made through Buy Box. These are boxes on products’ detail page ‘where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts’. While as coveted as this place is, you have to work to win it. A host of factors is involved here, but there are few ways you can qualify your products for these buy boxes—like pricing your products low, offering competing offers, and getting good reviews.

  1. Should I go with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

FBA is what you send your products to the facility of Amazon and let them handle all the backend tasks on your behalf, including logistics, packaging and delivery. There’s a fee that you have to pay for it—and it could be a bit too much factoring your sale and profit margin. So should you go for it depends on a range of factors, like the products you are selling (their utility value and urgency), the shipping charge you’ll have to pay if you’re handling this end yourself, and of course your revenue.

  1. Can I integrate Amazon store to multi-channel e-commerce software?

Amazon API integration is rather simple. However can you integrate your store – and how easily and smoothly can you do it – depends on the multi-channel e-commerce software you’re going with and the kind of solution it offers. Names like ChannelSale offers seamless integration of all marketplaces, webstores and comparison shopping engines, helping you manage everything from listings to product update from a single destination at no transaction fees and commission; so no more handling Amazon, Walmart market place and more on individual platforms manually. Also, its detailed analytics help you improve your strategy and sales significantly.

  1. How to get more reviews?

Getting good reviews is the most important thing for the Amazon store owners these days. More and more people today prioritize the experience and satisfaction level of the past customers. So it is essential that you seek good reviews. How? Ask for it! Use emails to encourage your buying customers to review the products, tell them that on social media platforms. And most importantly, reply back to the reviews. Assure people who are complaining and say thank you to those offering good words.

  1. How do I market my Amazon store?

Just being there isn’t sufficient—you won’t make sales. Marketing your Amazon store is very important. So have a well-defined strategy of how you’re going to reach your target audience, convert them and offer them after-sale service. Of course you’re going to use social media platforms. But also pay attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO); do keywords research and stuff them in the headlines and product descriptions as and when needed. Also, don’t shy away from paid advertisements; Facebook and Twitter advert programs today has become relatively cheaper with higher conversion almost always guaranteed.

These are 5 important and Frequently Asked Questions of new Amazon store owners.


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