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5 Expert Tips for Online Sellers that you should NEVER follow

The internet is apparently plagued with “expert” tips and advices for the online sellers; all promising for the best result. In fact, chances are, you have stumbled across few of them yourself. While some of these blogs and articles are quite legit and resourceful, others are outright time-waster.

This makes it very important to know which one should you listen to and which ones to avoid. To help you through the jungle of these “experts”, here are 5 expert tips that online vendors should NOT listen to-

  1. Focus on just one sales channel

Admittedly, the more number of storefronts you have, higher the number of tasks there will be to handle. But another calculation says the more number of storefronts you have, higher will be your sales. Second one sounds great, right?

So don’t just stick to one marketplace/store. Be on various marketplaces. List your products on eBay, but also go for Amazon listing and more. Of course, it’s going to be a challenge handling product updates, feed optimization, multi-channel inventory management and order fulfillment alone. But this is where NOT FOLLOWING the next #2 expert tip will help you.

  1. Don’t sign up to e-commerce solution

Many so-called experts call e-commerce solution an expense. But the fact is, it could be one of your best investments that could boost your sales and revenue significantly. The centralized platform offers you to control everything backend of your various online stores easily. Few of these top solution providers partner with many marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, offering the online vendors maximum convenience, regardless the platforms they are using.

So sign up to a good multi-channel e-commerce solution, integrate everything from ShopifyGoogle Shopping to Amazon-eBay inventory, and manage your multiple sales channels like a complete pro, quickly and conveniently.

  1. Be on every social media platform

Social media platforms are great to market your products and store. However, being on every marketing channel makes less sense, given it’s much more time-consuming and not each of them offer the same conversion and ROI. So instead of following this golden (read: poor) advice, be on selected number of social media outlets that are worth your time.

Do your research properly and know where the majority of your customers are and which channels suits your business model efficiently. And then map your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

  1. Sell your products at the cheapest

Being competitive in your pricing is nice, but few “experts” preach it to an extreme level. They tell you to sell your products the cheapest price. This is hardly a great idea that leaves you with a marginalized return (so much for your dream to make riches). To that, this strategy often fails to beat market competition. Another flaw here is that not every consumer like “cheap” products, given cheap price relates to poor quality.

So instead of offering your products at upfront cheap price, be more strategic by like offering occasional and exclusive discounts.

  1. Obsess the product reviews

Sure good product reviews, today, stand as one of the biggest success factors for the online vendors; a majority of online shoppers read these reviews before making their purchasing decision. This has even pushed many sellers to buy fake reviews and ratings. However, on many fronts, depending on business/product type and target consumers, reviews are overrated. It is ‘ONE of the many factors’ that decides the sale of the products; a host of other important factors require just as much of the time and attention for higher sales.

So instead of focusing on just the reviews, care about other factors as well, including better post-sale service. Besides, ‘pushing’ for product reviews risk to annoy your customers.

These are 5 “expert” tips that online sellers are asked to follow, but they shouldn’t. Now you know, get rid of them from your strategies and plan ahead for high sales and higher reven

Make your first sale on Amazon, eBay EASILY—8 winning ways only pro-seller knows

They say the first sale is always the hardest. And it’s true to its every word. While setting up stores on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces has become relatively easier today, new vendors still struggle to crack their first sale the way they had initially dreamed of. Some, literally, take months to land their first customer. And it finally dawns on them, things aren’t as picturesque as those success stories have had them believed.

Are you an Amazon seller? Have you just started your online store? Or are you planning to venture this path soon?

Here are 8 winning ways to help you make your first online sales easily—ways that only the top vendors know of-

  1. Have more than 2 sales channels

The calculation is simple—the more number of sales channels you have, better will be the chances of higher sales. So, instead of being just on Amazon and eBay, be also on other marketplaces and storefronts; of course, this must suit your overall business model and product type. To that, besides offering you higher sales, being on various platforms also provides the convenience to your target customers, which can boost several of your important metrics, including customer loyalty.

  1. Analyze current market trends

Don’t jump on to making decisions and strategies without first getting your numbers and facts correct. Analyze the current market trends in your niche—the competition level, customers buying habits, their budget, the pricing standards and so forth. Take your time and know all these facts before you rush to make your selling and marketing strategies. Sound decisions always lead to a smoother path ahead; meaning, quick first sale!

  1. Approach your niche influencers

Contrary to what many believe, approaching and convincing your market influencers is much easier. Of course you need the right approach, your products must be of high value and that you must be ready to face few rejections. Find few popular names in your business niche (who have high social media reach and/or have a blog), approach them from the front, offer them your product sample and let them review it. Some may even ask for money. If your budget allows and there’s higher ROI, go for it.

  1. Blog about your products

No more is blogging a pass-time for the writers. It has become a significant asset in the marketing world. So start blogging about your online store, products and additional services you’re offering. Host it on your store’s website or use free platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. Of course you must get creative here to keep your content interesting and worthy of readers’ time. A blog post, well written with facts and numbers, can significantly influence purchasing decision of the readers.

  1. Leverage on Social media platforms and forums

Next to blogging, your best marketing avenue is social media platforms, followed by forums. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and more to reach out your target customers. Spread out the good words about your products and store. Again, be creative. Depending on your business model, Facebook group can be a much better option than Fan Page, LinkedIn might be a better platform than Twitter. So do your research properly and choose your marketing channels accordingly. Open forums/platforms like Reddit, 4Chan and Quora too offer a large pool of potential customers; so don’t overlook them.

  1. Hype the launch

Even if you’re launching on a small-scale, there are ways you can hype your store, products and get your target audience excited. Press Release is a great way to get the words out in public; of course you need to make this write up exceptional and truly newsy that offers better value to readers’ time. Advertising on Facebook and different platforms, and having a “Coming Soon” webpage are decent ways too to hype the launch.

  1. Sell on comparison search engines

Many new sellers overlook this but comparison search engines have a great deal of potential to boost your sales, if only you have a decent pricing strategy. Google Shopping and Shopzilla are great platforms that enjoy high monthly traffic. Be competitive and if luck has it, you can make decent amount of sales from here.

  1. Bank on multi-channel e-commerce solution

Handling all the loose ends of your various online storefronts can be a stressful and time-consuming task. This can affect your own performance and hence your stores’. So instead of managing everything manually, why not bank on the affordable multi-channel e-commerce software solution?! From helping you in product setup and feed optimization to real time inventory management (eBay inventory control and more) and order fulfillment, its centralized platform can help you control everything under single roof, quickly and easily. This will only boost your stores’ overall performance but also make your life much easier.

These are 8 winning ways to make your first online sales quickly and smoothly. Now you know, give your business the right (and grand) start that

5 Things You Will Love About eBay Seller Hub

Serious professional eBay sellers have plenty to be happy about in 2017 with the introduction of eBay seller hub. This is one of those means of all inclusive seller benefits that offer a true centralized approach to midsized and voluminous businesses in this marketplace. For those who are new to the Seller Hub and wish to know why they should approach the same after all, here are 5 advantages that should be good enough to convince…

  • Firstly, this system is suitable for just about any seller using My eBay Selling, eBay Selling Manager or eBay selling manager pro. Over the next few weeks or months, eBay intends to extend the advantages to include the interests of smaller sellers as well.

  • Secondly, all the marketing tools for eBay stores at any level are available in the Seller hub in a more organized manner for easy accessibility.

  • Thirdly, and very importantly, features in the seller hub are complete and all inclusive. One can say this is a sum total of the advantages that My eBay Selling, Selling manager and Manager pro offers. This is a reason worthy of celebration. From easy customizability, listing facilities and sale features to automatic feedback using custom stored messages, easy return management and personalized listing recommendations, there is everything for sellers to make the most of.

  • Fourthly, additional and detailed sale information can help sellers opt for better sale strategies for improved revenues and growth.

  • Lastly, eBay seller hub is available for free trial for the first 30 days after which sellers will be charged 15.99$ a month. Continued services are free for Premium and anchor store owners.

However, at all times, sellers will have to integrate their eBay endeavors with their shopping cart solution. Providers offering quality Magento / Bigcommerce / Shopify eBay integration solutions etc. can be approached for the purpose.

How to build an Amazon store that makes $1000 in its first month? 5 Essentials

For thousands of young business minds, selling on various marketplaces and making quick bucks is the ‘it’ idea today. However, less do they know that those inspiring success stories, which have apparently plagued the internet, mirrors only one side of the coin, skipping all the countless hours that those online vendors spent in mapping a perfect wholesaling, pricing, marketing and selling strategies.

Those top and successful Amazon sellers don’t have any secrets—neither do they do anything extra-ordinary. They are just a tad bit smarter in their decisions than the rest—something you, too, can do to make thousands of dollars right in the first few weeks of your Amazon store launch.


Here are 5 essentials that you’re going to need to bring your dream of ‘Amazon riches’ into reality—5 secrets to sell on Amazon like a total pro-

  1. Social media marketing strategy– Buyers won’t buy from you just because you exist. You must make evident efforts and investments to win the attention of your target audience. In fact, marketing is a key to success for every business. Social media marketing is your first (and cheap) avenue here to reach out your potential customers, sell them on your products, and build loyalty. So invest considerable amount of your time on big-guns like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus promoting your products.
  2. Positive reviews (and lots of it) – Getting positive reviews is the single most important factor that can literally quadruple your sales overnight. No wonder so many sellers spend so much of their energy and resources into buying fake reviews—only to realize later that it does more harm than good. So you must remind and encourage your buying customers to leave their opinion and feedbacks on their overall experience.
  3. Optimized pages– More than 50 percent of online shoppers start their products searches on Amazon. In fact, surpassing even Google, this marketplace has become a default place to search for products to buy. Meaning, if you’re going to rank better on search results, you must optimize your Amazon stores. While there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of, the basics include using keywords in your products title and descriptions, getting positive reviews, offering products through FBA, using high-quality product images, and pricing your products competitively.
  4. Competitive pricing– Believe it or not, there’s a lot of competition on Amazon. This means, pricing your products competitively is kind of very important. Not only will you rank better on the result pages, but your low priced products can also help you win ‘Buy Box’, which can further boost your sales give that 82 percent of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box.
  5. E-commerce software solution– Even when you’re selling just on just one marketplace, there’s a lot to handle manually, which can take a lot of your time. So instead dragging yourself through Amazon listing, description updates, inventory management and order fulfillment, rely on top (and affordable) e-commerce solution to handle all the backend tasks quickly and easily. To that, if you also sell on your own website with various webstores like Magneto, these e-commerce solutions also makes integration Magneto with your Amazon store easier.

These are 5 essentials you’re going to need to sell on Amazon like a total pro and make $1000 right in the first month since the launch of your storefront. Of course, there’s a lot more you would need to reach your ambitious goal, including quick decision-making an

5 Secrets of Top eBay, Amazon sellers to boost your sales in 2017

While launching your own online stores has become relatively easier today, that, by no mean, means making a decent return is as simple and straightforward.

Statistics say there are total of 23 million sellers and about 3 million Amazon sellers. The number is high, however only a handful of them really make a decent return.

Do you sell on Amazon and/or eBay? Struggling to make sales?

Here are 5 secrets you always wanted to know about the top online vendors-

  1. Stay away from fake reviews

92 percent of consumers now read online reviews and 88 percent of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions.

Given this relevance of online reviews, more and more online vendors are opting to buy fake reviews these days. Needless to say, this does more harm than good in the long run. The countless reviews you see for the products of top Amazon and eBay sellers aren’t bought—they’re hard earned. So if you want to replicate the success of the top sellers in your niche, never even think of buying fake ratings and reviews. You might even get penalized for that by the marketplaces.

  1. Get serious about SEO on Amazon and eBay

55 percent of online products search begin on Amazon. EBay’s dedicated search engine boast equally high search rate.

Customers won’t fly to your stores; and relying on luck is an important ingredient for failure. You need to make evident efforts to make sure your products rank high on these marketplaces and search engines in general. You must get serious about SEO. That’s how top vendors beat their competition for higher sales— with smart store optimization strategies.

  1. Understand your competitors’ strategies

Competitive analysis is one of the most important parts of top sellers’ business strategies. What your successful competitors are doing, how they are doing, the marketing and selling channel sales they are using, their pricing strategy—understanding all these are very important to design your own strategies. Top Amazon and eBay vendors all keep an eye on their performing competitors – not obsessively though – to set their own benchmarks.

  1. Use multi-channel e-commerce software solution

Handling all the backend tasks of your eBay, Amazon stores are time-consuming and often get too stressful—even for the top online vendors; more so, if you’re selling on multiple marketplaces and using various webstores. Smart sellers, these days, rely on multi-channel e-commerce software solution to handle all the digital activities of their different stores at a single place—right from real-time inventory management to feed management and products setup to order fulfillment.

So regardless the platforms you’re using and the number of storefronts you have, signup to a good e-commerce solution, sync-up CS Cart Amazon, and other webstores-marketplaces, and give up all your worries about manually Amazon, eBay listing, multi-channel inventory handling and profitability management.

  1. Leverage on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with a billion plus population. And top online sellers understand this well and beyond. They use this large pool of potential customers efficiently to not only sell more but also to build a “loyalty” factor for their stores or products. Hence, in the process, creating a base of dedicated fans that triggers Word-of-Mouth marketing.

Besides, integrating your Amazon and eBay stores is relatively easier today. And with a good e-commerce solution, managing inventory is equally easy. So in 2017, leverage on the seamless power of Facebook.

These are 5 big secrets of top Amazon and eBay sellers. Of course, there’s lot more they care about, including winning the Buy Box, offering delightful post-sales services, and heavily discounting their products (when needed). So, if you’re planning to give your online stores a sale boost, follow in the steps of smart and successful sellers—only use your own brain.