5 Secrets of Top eBay, Amazon sellers to boost your sales in 2017

While launching your own online stores has become relatively easier today, that, by no mean, means making a decent return is as simple and straightforward.

Statistics say there are total of 23 million sellers and about 3 million Amazon sellers. The number is high, however only a handful of them really make a decent return.

Do you sell on Amazon and/or eBay? Struggling to make sales?

Here are 5 secrets you always wanted to know about the top online vendors-

  1. Stay away from fake reviews

92 percent of consumers now read online reviews and 88 percent of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions.

Given this relevance of online reviews, more and more online vendors are opting to buy fake reviews these days. Needless to say, this does more harm than good in the long run. The countless reviews you see for the products of top Amazon and eBay sellers aren’t bought—they’re hard earned. So if you want to replicate the success of the top sellers in your niche, never even think of buying fake ratings and reviews. You might even get penalized for that by the marketplaces.

  1. Get serious about SEO on Amazon and eBay

55 percent of online products search begin on Amazon. EBay’s dedicated search engine boast equally high search rate.

Customers won’t fly to your stores; and relying on luck is an important ingredient for failure. You need to make evident efforts to make sure your products rank high on these marketplaces and search engines in general. You must get serious about SEO. That’s how top vendors beat their competition for higher sales— with smart store optimization strategies.

  1. Understand your competitors’ strategies

Competitive analysis is one of the most important parts of top sellers’ business strategies. What your successful competitors are doing, how they are doing, the marketing and selling channel sales they are using, their pricing strategy—understanding all these are very important to design your own strategies. Top Amazon and eBay vendors all keep an eye on their performing competitors – not obsessively though – to set their own benchmarks.

  1. Use multi-channel e-commerce software solution

Handling all the backend tasks of your eBay, Amazon stores are time-consuming and often get too stressful—even for the top online vendors; more so, if you’re selling on multiple marketplaces and using various webstores. Smart sellers, these days, rely on multi-channel e-commerce software solution to handle all the digital activities of their different stores at a single place—right from real-time inventory management to feed management and products setup to order fulfillment.

So regardless the platforms you’re using and the number of storefronts you have, signup to a good e-commerce solution, sync-up CS Cart Amazon, and other webstores-marketplaces, and give up all your worries about manually Amazon, eBay listing, multi-channel inventory handling and profitability management.

  1. Leverage on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with a billion plus population. And top online sellers understand this well and beyond. They use this large pool of potential customers efficiently to not only sell more but also to build a “loyalty” factor for their stores or products. Hence, in the process, creating a base of dedicated fans that triggers Word-of-Mouth marketing.

Besides, integrating your Amazon and eBay stores is relatively easier today. And with a good e-commerce solution, managing inventory is equally easy. So in 2017, leverage on the seamless power of Facebook.

These are 5 big secrets of top Amazon and eBay sellers. Of course, there’s lot more they care about, including winning the Buy Box, offering delightful post-sales services, and heavily discounting their products (when needed). So, if you’re planning to give your online stores a sale boost, follow in the steps of smart and successful sellers—only use your own brain.


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