5 Expert Tips for Online Sellers that you should NEVER follow

The internet is apparently plagued with “expert” tips and advices for the online sellers; all promising for the best result. In fact, chances are, you have stumbled across few of them yourself. While some of these blogs and articles are quite legit and resourceful, others are outright time-waster.

This makes it very important to know which one should you listen to and which ones to avoid. To help you through the jungle of these “experts”, here are 5 expert tips that online vendors should NOT listen to-

  1. Focus on just one sales channel

Admittedly, the more number of storefronts you have, higher the number of tasks there will be to handle. But another calculation says the more number of storefronts you have, higher will be your sales. Second one sounds great, right?

So don’t just stick to one marketplace/store. Be on various marketplaces. List your products on eBay, but also go for Amazon listing and more. Of course, it’s going to be a challenge handling product updates, feed optimization, multi-channel inventory management and order fulfillment alone. But this is where NOT FOLLOWING the next #2 expert tip will help you.

  1. Don’t sign up to e-commerce solution

Many so-called experts call e-commerce solution an expense. But the fact is, it could be one of your best investments that could boost your sales and revenue significantly. The centralized platform offers you to control everything backend of your various online stores easily. Few of these top solution providers partner with many marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, offering the online vendors maximum convenience, regardless the platforms they are using.

So sign up to a good multi-channel e-commerce solution, integrate everything from ShopifyGoogle Shopping to Amazon-eBay inventory, and manage your multiple sales channels like a complete pro, quickly and conveniently.

  1. Be on every social media platform

Social media platforms are great to market your products and store. However, being on every marketing channel makes less sense, given it’s much more time-consuming and not each of them offer the same conversion and ROI. So instead of following this golden (read: poor) advice, be on selected number of social media outlets that are worth your time.

Do your research properly and know where the majority of your customers are and which channels suits your business model efficiently. And then map your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

  1. Sell your products at the cheapest

Being competitive in your pricing is nice, but few “experts” preach it to an extreme level. They tell you to sell your products the cheapest price. This is hardly a great idea that leaves you with a marginalized return (so much for your dream to make riches). To that, this strategy often fails to beat market competition. Another flaw here is that not every consumer like “cheap” products, given cheap price relates to poor quality.

So instead of offering your products at upfront cheap price, be more strategic by like offering occasional and exclusive discounts.

  1. Obsess the product reviews

Sure good product reviews, today, stand as one of the biggest success factors for the online vendors; a majority of online shoppers read these reviews before making their purchasing decision. This has even pushed many sellers to buy fake reviews and ratings. However, on many fronts, depending on business/product type and target consumers, reviews are overrated. It is ‘ONE of the many factors’ that decides the sale of the products; a host of other important factors require just as much of the time and attention for higher sales.

So instead of focusing on just the reviews, care about other factors as well, including better post-sale service. Besides, ‘pushing’ for product reviews risk to annoy your customers.

These are 5 “expert” tips that online sellers are asked to follow, but they shouldn’t. Now you know, get rid of them from your strategies and plan ahead for high sales and higher reven


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