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Walmart Marketplace V/s Amazon – Seller Verdict On Selling Environment

Amazon and has always ensured creating and maintaining selling environment that is conducive for the progress of sellers in terms of growth and profits. However there are certain differences between the two marketplaces that makes one more favorable than the other. When it comes to launch a Walmart marketplace v/s Amazon debate, here are certain essential factors upon which the differences can be highlighted…

Competition –

At this very moment, Amazon is way tougher in terms of competition than for all the obvious reasons. In fact, it will not be entirely wrong to say that Amazon is fast reaching a point of saturation something that will never match till the next decade.

Nature of sellers –

Amazon supports all kinds of sellers be it retailers, small sellers, brand owners large business etc. on the other hand, entertains mostly brand owners and category leaders, a move that keeps numerous entities off the list.

Seller support –

Amazon scores more in terms of in-built seller support solutions all thanks to its years of existence in the market. Walmart at present, is nowhere close in this respect, but is closing in with measures like partnering with some of the top e commerce solution developers for offering fool proof integration and setup support to new entities.

Nature of buyers –

Amazon invites more affluent buyers especially through Amazon prime that care less about cost and more about quality of service. on the other hand invites buyers that are looking for the lowest price for basic products.

Nature of commodities sold – mainly focuses on housing basic everyday items including grocery, while the scope of Amazon stretches to support luxury items as well. In fact, Walmart differs from eBay, and certain other competitors as well in this respect.

5 Ways To Sell On eBay With Complete Control On Costs

Controlling costs in eBay is one of the many issues that most sellers face on a regular basis. Uncontrolled costs can take massive bites out of revenues that can otherwise generate amplified profits.

Here are 5 tried and tested ways to gain control on eBay costs for a healthier financial future in this marketplace…

Firstly, make enlightened decisions about opening a store to sell on eBay. Sellers often believe that stores are the ultimate route to growth and profits. But it is also necessary to know that opening and maintaining stores cost money and they never guarantee expected outcomes. So, making informed decisions in terms of initial investments for opening stores followed by assessing associated risks can help save tons of money in the near future.

Secondly, always use fee and profit calculating tools. eBay fee structure can often be very confusing for sellers to understand leading to mishaps associated with miscalculation. Fee calculating tools and softwares help sellers gain a clear picture of all avenues of leakages and address the same with smart pricing of their products.

Thirdly, identifying leakages in inventory/ warehouse management can save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Using inventory and warehouse integration tools can help sellers stay aware about matters like slow moving or no-moving inventory that may be eating up warehouse space while not offering any tangible profits at all. Understanding and fixing warehouse and inventory profit leakages is applicable while selling in, Amazon or any other marketplace for that matter.

Fourthly, all eBay sellers must make the most of PayPal merchant discounts. If you are not enlightened about this feature, anytime is a good time to start and implement.

Lastly, if you are you using FBA for eBay, it is always worthwhile to use FBA fee calculators in order to stay in tune with your expenses and price your products accordingly.

5 Less-known success essentials for new Amazon, Walmart sellers

A lot of factors come into play to be a successful online seller. While some of them are over-hyped, others are less-effective—some are clichéd, others are lesser-known. So if you’re a new Amazon or Walmart marketplace seller, it is important that you not only focus on the factors that make the most noise, but also care about the ones who are known-less but are just as effective.

Here are 5 less-known success essentials for the new Amazon, Walmart sellers-

1.Customers’ trust-

To sustain your business in the long run, it is crucial to win customers’ trust now. So give up your profit-focused, short-term approach and focus on providing customers with top notch experience— whether with marketing, pricing or post-sales service.

2.Growth strategy-

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards; or so the saying goes. So you must always strive to scale your business to new markets and reach out to new customer groups. Never settle and be satisfied with what you have. Keep moving forward with new strategies and campaigns.

3.Exclusive discounts-

Not all customers will be sold to your cheapest price. You need to excite them about your price and offerings to push them to make their purchases. And what better way to do that than offering limited-time period exclusive discounts. So include offering discounts at the dead-centre of your pricing strategy.

4.E-commerce solution-

This is a must today. With everything there is to handle – from inventory management to feed optimization to order fulfillment – having a reliable e-commerce solution by your side is essential. So signup to a multi-channel e-commerce software solution, integrate everything from Amazon to Walmart-eBay and enjoy quickness and higher efficiency.

5.Calculus reports-

You make high sales when you make right decisions. And how do you make right and efficient decisions is by relying on numbers and facts. So read and understand properly the calculus report that your e-commerce solution providers offer you.

These are 5 less-known success essentials for the online sellers. Now you know, you know what to do. Good Luck!!!

Spend On These Solutions To Sell Better In Walmart & Amazon

It is all about tools and software solutions in ecommerce marketplaces, and sellers that have not woken up to the winds of change may have a lot to deal with in the near future. When it comes to managing multichannel performance especially those involving top marketplaces like and Amazon, the importance of tools becomes all the more obvious.

Here are some of the most impactful solutions that are indispensable when you sell on Amazon and Walmart or even eBay for that matter, together…

Pricing management –

Pricing rules and policies in each of the mentioned marketplaces can be rough at times especially when sellers have to manage their performance in all. Even the slightest deviation can result in dramatic consequences like sudden loss of product ranking followed by warnings from the marketplaces.
To sail safe through the rough waters, it is best to integrate with high quality pricing management tools that are packed with features like instant updates on price changes in involved marketplaces, automatic re-pricing of the products in question and tracking the performance of the re-priced product thereafter.

Listing and inventory integration –

Listing and inventory integration usually forms an integral part of basic Walmart marketplace integration. But, when you are harmonizing your Amazon endeavors with, you will need to access softwares and tools that are more evolved and feature packed to handle synchronized performance between the two marketplaces.
Use of evolved integration support solutions is critical in preventing friction between operational activities taking place side by side in both platforms.

Order management / FBA integration solution –

If you are an Amazon seller and use FBA for your order completion, you may be enlightened about the fact that FBA is applicable to as well. If you are willing to use FBA as the common order completion mode, approaching comprehensive integration solutions can keep you at a safe distance from possible bottlenecks.

Things That Can Go Wrong In Walmart eBay Selling And Why You Should Not Be Bothered At All

There is a whole lot that could go wrong while selling in and this goes out especially to Amazon and eBay sellers that receive the green signal to establish presence in this promising marketplace. This is the otherwise motivated group of entities that are usually handed a long list of dos and don’ts on the very first day of landing in the platform to conduct business.

The ‘lowest price’ drama –

Among everything else that could go dramatically wrong, the matter of lowest pricing usually takes the cake. This is one of those factors that are common in both Walmart and eBay selling. expects all sellers, eBay or otherwise, to price their products at the lowest in their platform and the same is expected by eBay as well. Inability to maintain the standards can result in loss of ranking followed by warnings from the respective marketplaces.

Order completion inconsistency –

Walmart expects that all performers in this marketplace must maintain very high standards of order completion in comparison with eBay, or any other top performing platforms for that matter. Increased order defect rate that is an inevitable result of inventory and order mismanagement is seldom tolerated in and is awarded with penalties like loss of ranking, scrapping of listing etc.

The reason why you should not be shaken by these difficulties…

While there can be plenty that could go wrong while selling in, the fact that the issues are not insurmountable any more, should contribute to an added dose of confidence. All you have to do is approach effective end to end eBay Walmart integration support solutions preferably those that are offered by the official integration partners.

These solutions are fortified with the right set of tools and softwares that allow uncompromised and error-free integrated performance between these two marketplaces which directly contributes to smoother, comprehensive, updated and profitable operation management.

Online Sellers: 3 Signs You’Re About To Hit a Rock Bottom

So last night you made a big sale. And even though we’re just 10 days into this month, you’ve already achieved your monthly revenue goal. Kudos!!

Sadly, as clichéd as the saying is, it’s quite true—if the path ahead looks too bright, open your eyes. This is to say, if your online business is making continuous high revenue, expect a downturn (remember business cycle?)

You’ve already optimized your sales and profit, going beyond that is not possible, until something dramatic happens. And sustaining your business on the same level for long is difficult. A decline in your sales is imminent. If you’re not careful here to handle the situation very well, you might even hit a rock bottom in your business.

Whether you sell on Walmart marketplace, Amazon, eBay or any other platform, here are 3 signs that you’re about to hit a rock bottom-

You don’t know what your competitors are up to

Doing a competitive analysis on a regular basis is very important. Knowing what the top rivals are up to, the kind of marketing campaigns they are running and if they have changed their overall business approach as of late—these information helps you stay competitive in the market by adjusting your own strategies.

You don’t have a reliable e-commerce solution provider by your side

Today, signing up to ecommerce software solution is nothing short of essential. More so, if you’re selling on multiple platforms and have a very competitive niche. So, if you’re doing it all alone – handling everything manually – you’re about to see a big dip in your revenue.

Look around carefully and sign up to an e-commerce solution right away. With their user-friendly, centralized platform that offers seamless Walmart, API integration and sync-up between various marketplaces and webstores, they will significantly ease up your life and increase your efficiency.

You haven’t changed your pricing strategy in a very long

When pricing your products, a lot goes into it than just prioritizing your own desired profit margin. Among a host of other factors that needs to be considered is the current market trend. And just like market trends change often—so should your pricing strategies. So if you’re continuing with the same price of your products through seasons – offering no discounts – chances are you might see a dip in your revenue soon.

These are the three signs for flourishing online sellers that they are about to hit a rock bottom. If you sell on Walmart marketplace or any other platform, and see any of these signs, open your eyes and make some quick changes to save yourself from declining revenue.

3 Silly Ways To Lose Visibility In Walmart Marketplace

Whether in or any other e commerce marketplace for that matter, no seller in his / her right mind would want to lose visibility and ranking to factors that could otherwise have been addressed without much difficulty. However, there have been occasions when certain sellers in Walmart online marketplace have done their bit to invite the wrath of the platform thereby losing their visibility to nothing more than sheer silliness.

Here are 3 such common occasions that many have come face to face with while managing their presence in this upcoming online shopping destination…

  • You may have added that additional shipping charge at the time of checkout – There are 3 words for this mistake… ‘Don’t be greedy’ when you sell on Walmart marketplace. Many sellers often find themselves tempted to add that little extra shipping charge at the time of checkout, mainly for the sake of recovering the lowest price smack. The smart ones often lose their visibility immediately after smells out the act.
  • Your list price in Amazon has dropped by a cent – This is usually not a deliberate stunt in the part of the sellers mainly because prices in Amazon keep changing automatically often by the minute. If sellers are unaware of the price drop and picks a hint of it, there is every possibility that the seller will lose visibility.

    For selling entities that have carried out proper multichannel integrations like Walmart – Amazon / Shopify Google Shopping integration etc. are likely to remain at a safe distance from hassles as such.

  • You have introduced luxury super brands at super prices – Thirdly, unintelligent product introductions can often lead to sure shot invisibility. Say for example, high street brands at high street prices don’t usually sell in If you have introduced products that have not even earned a single view from prospective buyers, you can be rest assured that your listing will become wallpaper in no time at all.

3 Things About Walmart Ecommerce Marketplace Retailers Wont Like may have opened its doors to third party e commerce performers, but this does not in any way mean that this platform is leniently open to any and every odd seller that walks in with an application. Walmart online marketplace has already been very vocal about its preferences, rendering a massive lot of selling entities completely unsuitable for winning a place in this platform. In fact, here are 3 things about Walmart marketplace that retailers in particular are assured to not like…

Walmart entertains brand owners as compared with retailers –
It is a fact very well understood by now that is more inclined to welcome brand owners and category leaders under its wings. Retailers are thus, its last preference. At present, there is a list of retailers that are still waiting for a response to their applications from this marketplace, some of which may have been posted months ago.

If you are a retailer, your first competitor will be –
Even if the application of a retailer gets accepted, the entity must be well aware of the fact that their first competitor will be Walmart itself. While the outcomes of competing directly with Walmart has not been devastating in any respect, sellers till feel they could have had better ranking and visibility for the amount of effort they are putting in.

If you are not a biggie, your application will not be entertained –
Thirdly, you may have had a fantastic sale history in top performing marketplaces; you may be using some of the best quality support solutions like eBay Amazon listing softwares, order management systems, inventory control solutions etc; but unless you are a midsized or large seller attracting thousands of visitors, there is a fair possibility for your application to be in queue for an indefinite period of time.