Monthly Archives: April 2017 Integration Has Become Surprisingly Easy – Here’s Why API integration has long been recognized as one of the most difficult tasks in the world of e commerce integration to approach. In fact, many sellers have also considered not joining this otherwise promising and profitable marketplace for the simple reason that they had o clue about how to carry out the integration process whether API or inter platform or any others for that matter. Things though, have changed significantly over the past year for the better, and here are 3 good reasons why almost all of the existing issues have been addressed successfully…

  • Firstly, is not new anymore. With almost 2 years to its birth, this marketplace has reached a level of stability where concrete pre designed integration strategies can be developed and applied successfully. Sellers have already gone through the trial and error process over and over again especially with marketplace / shopping cart integrations like Shopify etc. to understand the moods of this platform and thus, make more informed and enlightened approach towards the same.
  • Secondly, e commerce solution developers that have been working day and night to create functional integration solutions for have finally come up with sophisticated tools and softwares to the likeness of Walmart API key etc. that are specific to the marketplace. All that the sellers need to do is access these assistive solutions and integrate the same with their operative systems. Experiencing enhanced automation with these tools is thus, possible in
  • Thirdly, hiring professionals for comprehensive integration at present is affordable and yielding at the same time. There are promising e commerce solution developers that offer core integration services in as little 250$ which can often get cheaper with occasional discounts. Keeping an eye open for quality professionals can make any endeavor comprehensive and profitable.

How to handle multiple storefronts without disrupting your personal life- 5 Tricks

You wanted to make more revenue, so you launched multiple storefronts and decided to run them all together. Sure, the calculation is right—more sales channel, more return. Sadly, there’s a flaw in this. Handling one online store is difficult, let alone many. It requires time, hard work, which eventually ends up disrupting your personal life.

In short, you have less time to spend with your family and yourself!

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. There are few tips and tricks that can help you handle your many storefronts like a complete pro without interrupting your personal life. Here are 5 of them-

Automate your marketing tasks-

Instead of heading to individual social media platforms and manually posting there, why not use any third-party social media management dashboard? These solutions allow you to handle and automate your marketing tasks (the task of posting, commenting and more), saving your precious time easily. Hootsuite is the most popular name.

Signup for multi-channel e-commerce solution-

If you’re handing more than one online store (or even if not), you need to signup multi-channel e-commerce solution. Helping you handle everything of your storefronts on a centralized platform – right from product listing and feed optimization to real-time inventory management and order fulfillment – the right solution will save your time and make you more efficient. ChannelSale is the most popular name.

Outsource help-

Even if you consider yourself a lone-wolf, you can’t do things all alone. Now you do not need to hire anyone full-time but you should, however, outsource help for less-important, manual tasks, when deeming fit. Few of the e-commerce solutions, today, also offer managed services, helping you with all the backend tasks of your storefronts.

Make informed decisions-

When you make uninformed decisions, the outcome will be less than desired and you’ll be clueless as to how to improve your return. You’ll be stressed and busy conducting split tests to find that ‘perfect spot’. You can save all these by making an informed decision. So take the time to read your sales performance data and other metrics; understand everything, and know for sure when deciding anything.

Slow down-

Yes, you want your business to grow, you want to be everywhere, you want to sell more and you want to cut a higher profit. However, sometimes slowing down is the best thing you can do. Sure if you sell on eBay, Amazon and so many other shopping platforms, the chances of revenue will be high. But instead of being everywhere, you can (and should) try to optimize the return from selected platform. So, slow yourself down!

These are 5 simple tips and tricks to handle multiple online storefronts like a pro without it letting disrupt your personal life. So be smart, automate your marketing tasks, integrate Volusion Amazon and more, outsource help, read data, and transcend yourself into a pro online vendor easily.

4 Steps To Sell Products On Responsibly

Selling in assures enhanced visibility, growth and profits in the part of all sellers whether third party or otherwise. However, it is very necessary for sellers to abide by certain marketplace responsibilities in order to remain in the good books of the platform and make expected levels of profits month after month…

Maintaining price policies –

This is the first step to sell products on responsibly and in tune with the values and ideals of the marketplace. assures the lowest prices in all products across all product categories that should be respected by all sellers at all times.

Focusing on product value –

Besides maintaining lowest product price, sellers are also required to maintain high purchase value that supersedes the existing levels of purchase value extended by top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. This includes everything from zero shipping charges to extended return period and more.

Introducing products in tune with marketplace visitors –

Selling in becomes very easy and profitable when sellers introduce marketplace friendly products in their listing. These products have also been witnessed to rise in visibility and ranking more speedily thus, catering to instant profits and growth in the part of respective sellers.

Seamless integration –

This is the most important factor in responsible selling of products in Walmart marketplace. Walmart marketplace integration by far has been far easier to attempt in comparison with other integrations like integration etc. The integration process should include marketplace shopping cart integration along with multi channel integration if the seller is spread across other platforms of sale including affiliate networks.

Successful and responsible selling in gets very easy if sellers approach professionals for the purpose. has partnered with innovative and affordable ecommerce solution developers that can offer customized solutions for instantly enhanced performance.

3 Reasons Why Sellers Believe That Walmart Marketplace Is Strictly Growth Based

Third party sellers in are indeed very happy with the way the marketplace is treating them mostly in terms of delivering the promise of achieving quicker growth and gains. In fact, many happy sellers have cited three uncontested reasons that have been helping maintain its growth based nature that can be mentioned as follows…

API integration is made very easy –

When it comes to syncing API, Walmart has indeed been very proactive in many ways. Teaming up with some of the most innovative e commerce solution developers that can be approached very easily can be mentioned in this respect. some of these professional entities offer their solutions at very affordable prices making it easy for the sellers to approach.

Stipulations for performance improvement are very strict –

Secondly, has laid out a very strict set of stipulations as far as maintaining and improving performance standards is concerned. From end to end integration especially for multichannel endeavors including shopping carts like Walmart Volusion integration has been termed critical besides focusing upon the importance of high quality order completion solution, inventory management systems etc. Attempting to abide by these stipulations by itself, pulls up the performance of sellers to an extent that growth becomes an inevitable outcome of the efforts. invites only the best third party endeavors to perform in their platform –

Walmart invites only those sellers that have very high performance records in their current platform of sale. Say for example, Amazon sellers that aim to look for a place in are expected to rule the Buy Box, have very high reviews and ratings, have order defect ratio of less than 1% and an unchallenged system of order completion. This basically filters in sellers that possess the capability to grow and prosper than those that may not be able to put in the required level of efforts.