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3 Things That Makes Walmart Online Marketplace More Attractive Than

While eBay and Amazon have been retaining their supremacy in the world of e commerce quite unshakably, it is the newer players in this domain that are seen to compete neck to neck for maximum attention from prospective buyers. and can be mentioned in this respect, each of which is an integral part of the blossoming Pangaea, as being structured by Walmart to surpass Amazon in the very near future.

Even though and use the lowest price assurance to win visibility, it has been observed that the former actually scores a little higher in the books of prospective sellers than the latter. Here are 3 good reasons to justify this preference…

Walmart marketplace API integration is far easier and more comprehensive to approach than API integration – This is one of the most important reasons why sellers are more comfortable approaching Walmart over jet.

Walmart is a generations-old name – Walmart is a generations-old entity that has penetrated deep into to lives of people not only in the USA but beyond borders as well. Therefore, building trust and traffic in favor of its online endeavor will never be an issue. on the other hand is comparatively new with merely 2 years to its existence and thus, has a whole lot to prove to prospective buyers.

Sellers are thus better off with a marketplace that already exudes dependability.

Walmart has already featured among the top 3 online shopping destinations in the USA alone – traffic generation through is thus a greater possibility than with which is yet to walk miles in this direction.

With the aid and assistance of high quality integration service providers that offer seamless solutions for otherwise trying processes like Magento integration etc, sellers can bridge the gaps in both marketplaces and achieve optimum levels of performance in both.

4 Ways To Make Your Amazon Inventory More Productive

There are hundreds of Amazon sellers the world over that suffer revenue retarding problems associated directly with inventory control and management. More often than not, these issues are the products of inexperience in the part of new sellers per se or the application of certain extremely bold or unthought-of strategies that backfire.

To stay in the safer side of things, here are four tried, tested and infallible ways to make the process of managing Amazon Inventory more productive and profitable…

Market research on new products you wish to introduce –

This is the first step to maintaining a healthy inventory in Amazon. If your listing contains traffic generating products, your inventory will experience healthy movements as well. This will prevent issues like shelved and forgotten stock, that otherwise mop a significant portion of revenues very silently.

Be careful of the amount of warehouse space you engage –

This applies to all top marketplaces be it, Walmart, eBay or any others for that matter. If you have engaged significant amount of warehouse space with your inventory, you will have to pay out more for stock that will not generate profits on an immediate basis. Therefore, maintaining smaller stock that can be refilled on a regular basis is advisable.

Always approach real time inventory integration –

Amazon warehouse management can get tricky especially when you are an FBA subscriber. In simple words, when you subscribe to FBA you lose control over your stock to a significant extent which can lead you to lose track of the inflow and outflow of the same especially when returns are made. If however, you invest in real time inventory integration through dependable sources; this problem can be addressed right away.

Demand prediction and complete integration with supply chain source –

lastly, being in tune with the supply chain source while paying ample attention to demand prediction can help you maintain streamlined profit generating inventory.

Mastering the art of managing inventory on Amazon, eBay

Only the online vendors will really understand the true pain of managing inventory. It’s easier said than done! Handling so many products and orders together, the hassle is immeasurable—even more, if the sellers have multiple sales channel.

However, difficult it is, not impossible. All you need is to be a bit smart and calculative in your decisions.

Here’s how to induct yourself into the esteem league of successful online sellers—here’s how to master the art of inventory management on Amazon, eBay.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution

It’s a must today, recommended by every expert. Bank on the third-party Amazon and eBay selling software solution. Integrate all your stores together, and handle the backend of your business, including inventory management (in real-time), from a centralized platform. The likes of ChannelSale offer seamless integration between marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines that pack a host of features and facilities.

Limit the number of your storefronts

Sure the more storefronts you have, the higher will be the return. However, this doesn’t mean that you go crazy by opening your stores on every marketplace and multiple websites. Instead of this, take time to understand which platforms will give you higher return (sales and revenue); scarp the low-converting platforms and stick to the ones that assure more profit. Cutting back on the number of storefronts will save you from quite a bit of inventory management hassle.

Outsource help!

Yes, you don’t want to hire full-time employees; you’re a lone wolf, we get it. But you can sure outsource help; hire freelancers for selected period. Good news is that today, few of the top e-commerce solution also offers managed services, helping sellers, resellers and agencies with all the backend tasks, including eBay and Amazon inventory management. Pick the right e-commerce solution and bank on its managed services.

These are three simple ways to handle inventories like a complete pro. Good luck!

5 Tools All 3P Sellers Should Use In

Receiving an invitation to sell on Walmart online marketplace can be very good news for any 3P sellers. However, what really matters is maintaining very high performance standards so that visibility, traffic, conversions and subsequent revenue generation can be maintained at appreciable levels. Using certain essential tools can help significantly when it comes to improving and maintaining performance standards in 5 of which can be mentioned as follows…

Integration softwares –

Integration has everything to do with productivity in You therefore need to use proper integration tools and software solutions to bridge operational gaps between marketplace and shopping carts or with other sale channels like Amazon,, eBay etc.

Marketing tools – always appreciates sellers that pull in traffic from other sources be it social media, affiliates or others. Therefore, using the right marketing tools for traffic generation can be one of the best decisions made for the sake of experiencing a brighter future in

Price management tools –

Walmart assures lowest prices in all its products across all categories and sellers need to abide by the same at all times. However, prices of products in top performing marketplaces fluctuate by the passing minute. There is thus, every possibility that a pennywise price drop in another platform for the same product could affect seller interest in Walmart massively.

Using automated pricing tools can help in keeping sellers updated with price fluctuations and manage their list prices accordingly.

Walmart shipping tracking systems – is very particular about the quality of order management in the part of sellers. Using high quality Walmart shipping tracking systems that keeps sellers and buyers abreast about their orders respectively on a real time basis is thus a must.

Review management –

Last but not the least, sooner sellers start working on reviews, better t would be for their visibility and reputation building. Using organic review generation tools are thus, recommended.

3 Volusion-Amazon integration Questions Newbies Frequently Ask

Even though nearly every expert advice for using multi-channel e-commerce solution, the new vendors still have plenty of unanswered questions in their busy heads.

Are you an Amazon seller?

Much like everyone, you too would have loads of questions circling your mind- the whats, hows and whys- and that’s okay!

Here are 3 FAQs regarding Volusion-Amazon integration that almost every new seller has:

Why is Volusion-Amazon integration important?

If you’re making use of various marketplaces and webstores together, things could get hectic pretty quickly. Managing the backend of different platforms manually is not only stressful but equally time-consuming. And if you’re looking to get to the top of the ladder, you cannot afford to waste time in menial tasks. So it is better that instead of taking the hassle of manually controlling everything you sync Volusion Amazon, as well as all the other platforms you’re using; like MagentoWalmart integration.

How to integrate Volusion-Amazon?

The market is crowded with multi-channel e-commerce software solution. So Volusion Amazon integration is quite easy. However, be cautious in selecting an e-commerce solution provider. Look around and do a thorough research on all the big names. Factor the kind of features and services they offer, as well as their pricing, and if these matches your specific business needs, requirements and goals. Pick accordingly.

What benefits to expect from e-commerce solution?

It really depends on the kind of e-commerce solution you have picked. Some offer a wide range of features, others are limited; some charge outrageously high, others are affordable. With the renowned names like ChannelSale that partners with over 200 shopping channels, expect seamless integration between marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines that facilitate easy product listing, feed optimization, real-time inventory management and order fulfillment. Along with these, you also get additional services and facilities.

Sure there must be a few more questions troubling your mind. Relax. Instead of stressing over it, get in touch with an expert to solve all your queries.

4 Aspects That Makes Paradise For eBay Sellers

Sellers in eBay are often seen cribbing about a number of annoying factors that this marketplace has established special reputation in. While no one can contest the fact that eBay is still one of the largest ecommerce platforms that allows maximum number of product categories, seller types and selling options, it is also a den of unpredictability and operational mess. In fact, many eBay sellers have been seen to shift their presence from eBay to other marketplaces that may be smaller but are more accommodative and manageable in nature.

Of late, has risen as an invaluable alternative to eBay and here are 4 main aspects because of which sellers are either including the marketplace as a part of their multichannel ventures or are shifting their base entirely to the same…

The non nonsense simplicity of the platform –

Unlike eBay, is a simple and straight-forward marketplace. Everything from the route to the buy box of this platform to overall performance maintenance is clear, comprehensive and easy to follow.

No bolts from the blue in terms of marketplace improvements –

eBay is widely known for introducing sudden improvements that always manage to catch unsuspecting sellers in the wrong foot almost all the time. Introduction of Cassini can be mentioned as an example in this respect, where tens of the best performing sellers were reduced to rubble within days. is till date, free of such excesses.

Low competition that makes visibility easy –

What eBay sellers love the most in is the comfortable level of competition in this marketplace. Many have also expressed that reaching and maintaining high levels of visibility is in fact easy in Walmart because competition in this platform is low. This is a treat that cannot be experienced in eBay.

Easy to integrate with readymade solutions –

Readymade solutions for Walmart integration with top whether Walmart Amazon, Walmart eBay / Rakuten / or any others for that matter is as easy as approaching the official integration partners that have the best and the most uncomplicated tools and softwares ready to cater to the purpose.

Here’s Why And Are Rising As Amazon Substitutes

Walmart’s acquisition of and the formation of Pangaea has been a phenomenal step taken by these marketplaces towards a glorious and rather unchallenged ecommerce future. In fact, the scope of these two marketplaces have reached so far that many e commerce sellers are consciously considering Jet and Walmart as good substitutes for Amazon. Here are a few good reasons to support this slow and steady drift…

Both platforms are rising as traffic magnets –

It is true that none of these marketplaces come anywhere close to Amazon when it comes to traffic, unique visitors and repeat customers, but this does mean that these platforms are lacking in buyers in any way. itself experiences over 90 million visitors and counting with catching up with the figures.

Low level of competition –

As compared with Amazon, both and have low seller competition for the obvious reason that the marketplaces are new. Initiating simple integration with shopping carts like Volusion, Walmart Shopify etc can maintain operational excellence, high visibility and ranking for a prolonged period of time.

Dedication to effective advertising and marketing efforts is pulling enormous traffic towards these platforms – and poured in a significant amount of funds in the direction of marketing and advertising which is working in favor of building purchase motivation with a larger number of online shoppers. This is an inbuilt advantage that all sellers can make the most of.

Both are immensely promising in terms of seller opportunities and ease in selling practices –

Both Walmart and Jet has done their bit to make seller performance easy and effective right from the time of setup. Walmart API is very easy to integrate with which has given sellers an instant edge as far as going live with their listing and managing operations is concerned. API on the other hand has been a little troublesome in the beginning but not anymore.

Readymade integration solutions along with high performance selling tools and softwares are very easily available these days and that too at affordable prices.