Selling On Jet Vs Amazon – A Brief Overview By Newer Sellers

Amazon usually forms the first choice of all new selling entities that wish to create an impactful future in the ecommerce landscape. However, sellers cannot deny the fact that it is quite painful to manage presence in a marketplace that is already thronging with competitors almost all of whom are potent enough to elbow you out even before you gain basic visibility. Very honesty, if you are a new seller trying to make a place in Amazon right now, the amount of hard work that you will have to put in is often terrifying.

On the flipside, considering other promising marketplaces like can be a welcome relief. Sellers in fact, have offered their views on selling on Jet Vs Amazon, where the former appears way more attractive to start with than the latter. Here are 4 reasons that support this fact… has low competition – With only 2 years of existence in comparison with over 20 years of Amazon, is far from catching up with the competitive commotion. It is thus, a very comfortable platform as far as beating competition is concerned.

Unique visitors are rising by the day – The growth chart of has been phenomenal and that too for very obvious reasons. Millions of buyers throng the marketplace every month to avail products in tangibly lesser prices (5% to 15% lesser) in comparison with Amazon. Dynamic pricing and progressive advertising undertaken by the marketplace does the rest.

Anyone can approach – Unlike Walmart marketplace sellers that need to qualify a set of strict criterion to get into the marketplace, is open for anyone that wishes to sell in the platform. This is therefore, one of the best platforms for new sellers to commence their ecommerce endeavors with than Amazon or eBay.

Lastly, set up and integration in quick, easy and affordable in making it a treat for sellers as far as commencing operations productively and faultlessly is concerned.


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