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Selling on isn’t easy if you do these 3 Mistakes

Selling on is easy. But things take a hit when vendors start following some clichéd tips and outdated advice.

Are you a new Walmart seller?

Knowing what to do is important. But in the crowd of so many tips, tricks and “hacks”, knowing what not to do is equally crucial for your success.

Here 3 mistakes you should avoid to make selling on Walmart marketplace easier and more profitable:

  1. Handling everything manually- There’s a lot to handle at the backend, right from product listings and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment. Controlling everything manually could be very time-consuming. So signing up to e-commerce solution isn’t optional anymore—it’s essential. So find a nice solution, manage not only Walmart store but also sell more on other platforms by easy integration on a centralized platform from Shopify to Amazon.
  2. Solely relying on an internal search engine- Relying solely on only the internal search engine of Walmart won’t help you much. Things are very competitive here and optimizing products/stores is very challenging. So sellers must also make marketing efforts on other channels as well, including social media platforms.
  3. Not leveraging analytics- As important as it is, sadly many people don’t make use of available data to optimize their sales. Don’t be one of them. Make use of analytics and calculus reports to understand the effectiveness and loopholes in your strategies. See what is working and what isn’t. Understand every aspect and then make improvements in your overall approach to boost your sales.

These are 3 mistakes that new Walmart sellers must avoid to enjoy a successful journey ahead. Good luck!!

How to add more scalability to your ecommerce business?

You’ve been selling online for months now. And you’re pretty much satisfied with your returns. However, what if we tell you that you’re unconsciously leaving lots of money on the table that you can easily add to your bank account?

At times like these when competition is skyrocketing by every passing day, if you aren’t scaling your ecommerce business to new heights, you’re risking its existence. The fast-moving competitions will have no problem crushing over your establishment to move ahead. The mantra is quite simple—get better or get ready to perish.

Whether you own your own website store or sell on different marketplaces, here’s how to add scalability to your business so that it doesn’t stay in a spot tomorrow where it is today.

Hire a third hand-

When you’re trying to establish your online stores into something big, you need professionals and experts by your side. Drawing from their experience, they can seamlessly fuel your ideas and accelerate your market growth. Some of the top ecommerce solutions, today, are offering managed services. Lookout for them and hire a good one.

Introduce API integrations-

API integrations add more robustness and scalability to your business. This is even more important if you have multiple storefronts and handling listing, inventories and order fulfillment is too stressful. Signup to multi-channel ecommerce software solutions like ChannelSale and enjoy seamless API and Walmart partner API integration for maximum convenience.

Grow social following-

When you have a large following on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, customer retention – which is much cheaper than acquisition – becomes very easy and quicker. So invest into growing your fans and followers on social platforms, put up the right messages and keep them engaged.

These are 3 simple ways to add more scalability to your ecommerce business. Do that and see your establishment grow by every passing day with least of efforts. Good luck!!!

The hushed secrets of successful eBay and Amazon sellers

Successful online sellers don’t do different things; they just do things differently. Away from all the hypes and unrealistic expectations, they always have a definite plan to move ahead accordingly. To that, they are much more analytical in their selling strategies and are open to make small investments for bigger rewards.

Want to know how some of them make as much as a million every year from their Amazon and eBay stores?

Here 4 hushed secrets that very people know about these top sellers—secrets that you can learn from to optimize your sales and boost returns:

They spend more time on marketing than evident-

As important as it is, very few online sellers really take digital marketing as something serious. Most of them don’t even leverage social media platforms to connect with their target audience; they just solely – and poorly – rely on the internal search engines of marketplaces. On the contrary, successful vendors invest a great deal of their time and money in marketing their online stores and engaging with the target audience.

They always have a third hand working for them-

Handling an online store is a lot of work. And it’s too hectic trying to do all by yourself. Top sellers are never alone. They hire freelancers, they regularly outsource services. And when stuck somewhere, they don’t try to do everything by themselves but rather hire experts for additional assistance. Meaning, they always have a third hand working for them.

Post-sales analysis is a big part of their routine-

Mentioned already, top sellers are very analytical in their approach. They never leave the opportunity to learn and make improvements. Majority of them spend a great deal of their time in analyzing their sales performance. Why things worked, why there was loss—they know the answer of all these questions and they are constantly getting better.

They are signed up to e-commerce solution-

When selling on multiple platforms, having a reliable multi-channel e-commerce solutions by your side is very important for efficient product listings, inventory management and more. Successful sellers integrate everything from eBay FBA to Shopify This makes the tasks much easier and them, much quick, efficient and productive.

These are 4 hushed secrets of successful eBay and Amazon sellers. If you want to make just as much riches as them, walk their path and implement their ideas—soon you will be one of them.

3 Hacks to make online inventory management easier

One of the biggest challenges for the online vendors is to efficiently handle their inventory. Majority of new sellers have, at least one time or another, struggled with over-selling.

Lack in the coordination of the marketing, selling and order fulfillment departments continue to be a major problem. This ultimate results is falling return and brand credibility.

Are you too struggling to manage your stock? Want to efficiently eBay inventory control?

Regardless your niche and selling platform, here are 3 hacks to make online inventory management easier:

  1. Do regular auditing- There’s nothing better than good’ol auditing. Instead of investing time in making contingency plans, give time in preparing that such emergencies never hit. Head out yourself and check the stocks, spot the errors and make fixes accordingly. Do this at least once every month.
  2. Sign up to e-commerce solution- Millions of online sellers leverage the powerful features of multi-channel e-commerce solutions. Whether you’re using Walmart Bigcommerce or Amazon, with their seamless integration, these solutions substantially cut back on errors. You get to manage all your inventories on a centralized platform, quickly and efficiently.
  3. Pay attention on returns- The returned products can really bump the flow of inventory management, creating all sorts of confusions. So it is important that you pay more heed on the return goods, and make right adjustments in your stock levels (and finances).

These are 3 simple hacks to help you manage your inventory the right way. Be smart and keep your eyes open to the details.