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How To Tell If Ecommerce Software Reviews Are Real Or Fake

It is sad but true… not all reviews that you read about ecommerce seller support softwares or any product / service for that matter are genuine. All thanks to cut throat competition raging in this otherwise booming sector, entities often unfortunately feel the need to tarnish the reputation of their rivals by paying people to post horrible reviews about the services of the latter. Revolting as this sounds, such acts can often prevent seekers of quality services to not approach worthy providers owing to misinformation. Instances as such have been reported in eBay listing software reviews as well and needs to be addressed wisely.

Shipstation Shopify

While there are not many clear cut ways to identify authenticity in reviews, here are some that can help to a significant extent…

Check who posted the review and check the content of the review very closely –

Genuine reviews often contain complete details of the individual that posted the review including details of his / her ecommerce stores and comprehensive information about the ecommerce services sought from the concerned providers. Inauthentic reviews however, do not contain any comprehensive details about the review poster, their ecommerce endeavors or even the problems they are experiencing with the service providers. The feedback usually contains a lot of rant and desperate appeal to readers of the reviews to not approach the concerned software / company.

The response of the company to the review –

This is very important. Always check how the concerned service provider has responded to the reviews posted by the seemingly aggrieved party. Responsible companies will always make a genuine effort to understand the issue and address it at the earliest. However, if the review was inauthentic, there will not be much in the part of the clients to cry about and they will eventually back out or pull down their review. For example, there was once a review posted against third party integration services sought for Shipstation Shopify syncing which had to be pulled down after the concerned client could not offer proper details about what went wrong and eventually stopped responding to the company.

How To Be Nice To Buyers In eBay And What It Can Do For Your Business

You are a seller in eBay and they are buyers; you offer your products at suitable prices and they approach you for the same only because they want to access a worthy deal that will help save money. While the give and take equation here is quite clear comprehensive here, it has often been seen that offering a little more than just the basics can have phenomenal impact in terms of visibility, traffic, sale and revenues. Taking steps to be ‘nice to buyers’ has its share of advantages that no sellers should oversee and are often beyond the scope of eBay management software solutions to handle.

eBay management software

So, if you wish to kick start your efforts in this direction now, the following mini guide is sure to help…

Being polite –

The nature of the word ‘please’ is such that it always adds sweetness, approachability and dependability towards your listing. Be it at the time of inviting questions / queries for the products or requesting reviews, including ‘please’ somehow, appears to have an impact on the buyers at a molecular level making most of them act as you expect.

Something customized –

Sending a customized handwritten note to the buyers with the order, expressing gratitude and other relevant information is one of the nicest things you can do to make them feel special and get them tempted enough to leave you a good review even without having to ask for it.

New buyer bonus –

This basically refers to offering some special discount or freebie on the first purchase the buyers make at your store. You will however, need to be integrated well enough to identify the new buyers and act accordingly. If you are multichannel seller end to end syncing like eBay Walmart Magento integration etc. will be very necessary to implement these purchase advantages faultlessly.

Ways Integration Services Can Enhance Your Ecommerce Scope

Ecommerce integration has been a blessing to serious sellers in innumerable ways. While it is true that many selling entities are often seen to argue about the high price tags that are usually associated with the process especially those involving top platforms like Magento Amazon eBay etc; here are a few good reasons that reveal that every penny spent on the process is actually very well spent…

Magento Amazon

You can manage all your operations through one single user interface –

It does not really matter how many marketplaces you create your presence in; with integration you can perform over 100s of platforms while managing all core operations and more through one single user interface. This way you will not have to visit your account in each platform individually to manage daily operations which is actually a genius way to condense overall efforts to bare minimum while maximizing productivity.

The level of automation will be exemplary leaving you plenty of time to diversify –

With end to end integration whether multichannel or basic like Shopify Walmart etc, you will be able to automate core processes like listing, inventory management, order management, tracking, reporting and more with nothing more than a few clicks. This can save you hours of time and efforts that can otherwise be spent on planning, product management and business development.

Besides this, automation has also been named as the key ingredient to minimize possible errors and flaws to scratch.

Order integration with one potent channel can enhance delivery scope like never before – Lastly, end to end integration with top order completion systems can help you centralize this critically important process while enhancing your delivery scope to innumerable destinations within your nation or international without any extra efforts in your part. This is perhaps, the best organic way to enhance sale and maximize revenues like never before.