How To Be Nice To Buyers In eBay And What It Can Do For Your Business

You are a seller in eBay and they are buyers; you offer your products at suitable prices and they approach you for the same only because they want to access a worthy deal that will help save money. While the give and take equation here is quite clear comprehensive here, it has often been seen that offering a little more than just the basics can have phenomenal impact in terms of visibility, traffic, sale and revenues. Taking steps to be ‘nice to buyers’ has its share of advantages that no sellers should oversee and are often beyond the scope of eBay management software solutions to handle.

eBay management software

So, if you wish to kick start your efforts in this direction now, the following mini guide is sure to help…

Being polite –

The nature of the word ‘please’ is such that it always adds sweetness, approachability and dependability towards your listing. Be it at the time of inviting questions / queries for the products or requesting reviews, including ‘please’ somehow, appears to have an impact on the buyers at a molecular level making most of them act as you expect.

Something customized –

Sending a customized handwritten note to the buyers with the order, expressing gratitude and other relevant information is one of the nicest things you can do to make them feel special and get them tempted enough to leave you a good review even without having to ask for it.

New buyer bonus –

This basically refers to offering some special discount or freebie on the first purchase the buyers make at your store. You will however, need to be integrated well enough to identify the new buyers and act accordingly. If you are multichannel seller end to end syncing like eBay Walmart Magento integration etc. will be very necessary to implement these purchase advantages faultlessly.


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