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3 Ways Online Sellers ‘Waste Money’

Thousands of online sellers use third-party e-commerce solutions like Bigcommerce plugin. But not necessarily do they all get the same rewards. So many of them, even with a limited budget, misguided and clueless, end up wasting their capital. Are you one of them?

Here are 3 ways online sellers waste their money:

Bigcommerce Shopify eBay Integration

1. Marketing without an aim

Not marketing is bad; marketing without a purpose is even worse. Sadly, this is what many online vendors do. They spend irrelevantly on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, banners, and social media campaigns—all without having a strategic aim. Yes, they want to sell. But just putting up an ad telling people what they offer would never convert. They must have a sales funnel and then strategies positioned properly that ensure marketing effort converts efficiently and quickly. Many sellers, however, don’t have a strategy; they just spend money.

2. Launching multiple storefronts

Yes, having more than one stores can be beneficial. It can help you reach more of your target customers, add to your visibility and spread your brand. However, this bet isn’t always as rewarding. Being a multi-channel seller is extremely hectic. And the return, often, doesn’t match the efforts and investment. Meaning, launching and running multiple stores can end up being a liability for you that doesn’t yield any measurable profit. So, when you’re trying to grow your business, you must be extremely careful and assured about the decision.

3. Investing in bad quality solutions

Having an e-commerce solution by your side is no less than essential today. But then given there are so many third-party party solution providers in the market out there, picking a good quality one is a difficult task. More often than not sellers would end up signing up for wrong e-commerce partner who wouldn’t even provide the base-level features like Shopify eBay integration. They would just eat up the money and not give the promised returns in any form or way. Why do you think experts stress that you must be VERY careful when selecting your e-commerce partners?

These are 3 ways how online sellers waste money. Don’t be one of them. Fix the leakages, boost your productivity and take your business to the next level.

Want to double your Amazon sales? Read this

Every seller wants to be Amazon millionaire. Sadly, with the competition level so high and things slight-bit tricky, it isn’t so simple.

Besides, carrying that vanilla-mindset of becoming a millionaire from the get-go isn’t rewarding either. To make more profit, the business needs to grow and sustain. And that, the business owner requires to be strategic.

So, if you’re looking to double your Amazon sales and grow your store to the next level, you must have an at-hand strategy for that. Here are few pointers that will help you scaling efforts:

selling on Shopify Jet

1. Increase your portfolio

Don’t just sell the same type and variety of products. Introduce varieties in the collection, expand the portfolio, and target wider segments. These will bring more opportunities to you.

2. Focus on customer retention

New business owners focus on customer acquisition. Smart business owners focus on customer retention. Be one of the latter group. Engage your existing customers and push to resell them.

3. Sell on other platforms

Don’t just stick to Amazon. Increase your operational end. Launch new online storefronts. Start selling on Shopify and other channels. It will add visibility to your business, which will improve sales.

4. Invest in branding

Even if you’re reselling others’ products, invest in your own name. Market it well, build a reputation around it, make it recognizable and trustable. This will make all the difference for you in long-run.

5. Sign up for an e-commerce solution

Growth is only one part of business’s prosperity. The other one is sustainability. You need to sustain the growth of the business. And in e-commerce, for that, it’s imperative that you signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution. Take hands of the right solution, integrate all your channels, right from Magento Amazon to Shopify, and simplify the entire operational end. This will add convenience and efficiency to your backend.

These are 5 pointers that will help you double your Amazon revenue. It’s challenging indeed, but not impossible. Just be consistent in your actions and you will see the result in no time.

Top Reasons Why Paid Amazon eBay Selling Tools Are Better Than Free Options

When it comes to choosing between paid seller support softwares and tools and free of cost solutions, ecommerce entities are always seen to be in a state of perpetual confusion. This is mostly the case with newbies that are often budget restricted and need to locate ways to minimize their expenses in every way possible.

Amazon eBay Selling Tools


However, cost controlling in essential seller support softwares especially those that are dedicated to top marketplaces like eBay selling tools and managed services etc can often be counterproductive than otherwise and here are a few good reasons to back this claim…

Firstly, paid tools come with performance assurances from providers something that is often absent in free tools that are available for download at one’s own risk. When you pay for certain software, the providers are accountable for the performance of the same for which they have charged a free. This is one of the main reasons why paid softwares are backed with proper customer support that can be accessed for assistances like installation, trouble shooting and more.

Secondly, paid softwares, as has been expressed by a very long list of happy users, inherently possess better and more updated features. This caters to improving essential ecommerce processes like syncing top platforms like Magento Amazon integration etc with perfection and competitive edge; an advantage that is usually not available with free of cost solutions.

Thirdly, paid softwares are often customizable and flexible as well. This goes on to ensure that you pay only for the features that you choose and no more. Topped with the advantage of flexibility, you can keep adding features to your software as and when you need them to suit the changing requirements of your growing business.

Fourthly, paid softwares from reputed companies are updated frequently without users having to ask for it. This keeps you in tune with the changing requirements of the marketplace without you having to face occasional shocks and surprises. Free softwares are usually not backed with updates.

5 Ways To Remedy Dying Amazon Listing

When your listing in Amazon is counting its last breath; when you have gained a host of poor ratings and malicious reviews that has brought you to tears; when you have bagged more return and refund requests than productive and profitable sale… it is time to pull up your socks and cough up some remedies. Following are 5 such simple yet remedies that have proven their effectiveness in resuscitating dying listings back to life…

5 Ways To Remedy Dying Amazon Listing

Run a thorough check on what went wrong –

Did your products lose relevance? Are the images unclear? Have you entered wrong / mismatched details? Is someone else selling the same products at half the price? Everything needs to be scrutinized thoroughly before jumping into remedies.

Update your listing tools –

If your Amazon listing tool is not up to the mark, or you may have chosen a low quality, substandard tool with scratch basic features that never get updated, this may be a wakeup call to invest in listing tools that actually add to productivity.

Optimize A to Z –

You can never say it enough that optimization is not an option. It is a necessity that you need to carry out with due urgency. Be it titles, descriptions or images, everything needs organic optimization for maintaining optimum visibility. Call professionals if required, which is perhaps a great solution to remedy dying listings.
You can always approach worthy ecommerce solution developers like those that offer updated ecommerce seller tools and services like Amazon eBay seller solutions, Magento plugin etc for effective optimization solutions.

Introduce package deals –

There are times when even the most irrelevant products can fetch the best of sale when they are added to combo deals. It somehow works like magic on building purchase interests with buyers that end up finding the products worthy of usage once it comes in heavily discounted prices with another attractive product.

Market –

If you have been shying away from marketing, anytime is a good time to start. Learn about the basics of email marketing, SMS marketing, building presence in CSEs / affiliates etc and use proper tools to put your strategies to action. This is an infallible way to bring dying listings to life.