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4 Step Guide To Effective Start In Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a no nonsense comparison shopping platform that that can increase business growth by 50% or more with the blink of an eye. However, understanding this platform and maintaining a successful presence for a prolonged period of time is never an easy task to accomplish. Google Shopping is presently thronging with sellers with hundreds of enthusiasts listed under each product category.

Each of these entities are often seen to place their best foot forward in the direction of gaining and maintaining visibility, making it impossible for newer entities to get an edge in terms of visibility or traffic. For those that wish to make an impactful start though, here are 4 effective steps that are very likely to help…

Integration matters – Always start with integrating the platform with your shopping cart and concerned marketplace of presence. This works phenomenally as far as maintaining operational harmony and effective performance tracking is concerned. Volusion Google Shopping Amazon etc. can be mentioned as example.

Optimization of feed – Nothing is more important in Google Shopping than perfect feed optimization. This includes title optimization with right keywords, effective descriptions, image optimization as well as price optimization, which again happens to be a continuous process.

CPC budget management – Google Shopping is not free. This is one of the reasons why sellers need to be very tactful about how they manage their presence in this platform. Running out of CPC budget will lead to sudden invisibility or even scrapping of listing. Setting a CPC budget and using tools to stay in tack with the same is always advisable.

Call professionals – At present, there are a number of qualified ecommerce professionals that offer end to end Google Shopping solutions that include integration, optimization as well as performance management. These professionals also offer customized solutions suitable for a range of different platforms be it 3D Cart, Rakuten, Walmart, etc.