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5 Ways To Remedy Dying Amazon Listing

When your listing in Amazon is counting its last breath; when you have gained a host of poor ratings and malicious reviews that has brought you to tears; when you have bagged more return and refund requests than productive and profitable sale… it is time to pull up your socks and cough up some remedies. Following are 5 such simple yet remedies that have proven their effectiveness in resuscitating dying listings back to life…

5 Ways To Remedy Dying Amazon Listing

Run a thorough check on what went wrong –

Did your products lose relevance? Are the images unclear? Have you entered wrong / mismatched details? Is someone else selling the same products at half the price? Everything needs to be scrutinized thoroughly before jumping into remedies.

Update your listing tools –

If your Amazon listing tool is not up to the mark, or you may have chosen a low quality, substandard tool with scratch basic features that never get updated, this may be a wakeup call to invest in listing tools that actually add to productivity.

Optimize A to Z –

You can never say it enough that optimization is not an option. It is a necessity that you need to carry out with due urgency. Be it titles, descriptions or images, everything needs organic optimization for maintaining optimum visibility. Call professionals if required, which is perhaps a great solution to remedy dying listings.
You can always approach worthy ecommerce solution developers like those that offer updated ecommerce seller tools and services like Amazon eBay seller solutions, Magento plugin etc for effective optimization solutions.

Introduce package deals –

There are times when even the most irrelevant products can fetch the best of sale when they are added to combo deals. It somehow works like magic on building purchase interests with buyers that end up finding the products worthy of usage once it comes in heavily discounted prices with another attractive product.

Market –

If you have been shying away from marketing, anytime is a good time to start. Learn about the basics of email marketing, SMS marketing, building presence in CSEs / affiliates etc and use proper tools to put your strategies to action. This is an infallible way to bring dying listings to life.