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A Quick Guide To Dealing With Nightmarish Reviews In Amazon / eBay

In eBay and Amazon, buyers can search for relevant products on the basis of reviews and ratings, which has been one of the major reasons why sellers have to shoulder the matter with due seriousness. Reviews and ratings also possess phenomenal power to influence purchase decisions of other potential buyers, making it imperative for latter to ensure generating organic positive reviews at all costs.

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However, even with the assistance of the best of Amazon seller software tools, there are times when avoiding negative feedback becomes practically impossible. In the event of such occasions, here are a few effective steps that can be taken to overcome the odds with flair…

  • Firstly, never turn a blind eye to these reviews. Ignoring poor reviews can be devastating in many ways. Always ensure replying to the review politely and ask them to state in details what went wrong, very professionally.
  • Secondly, do not kick start a fight with the customer even if you know that the review may be inauthentic. Never take recourse to shaming them for posting the reviews in the first place or threaten them with consequences for the same. If you do so, be assured that the marketplace will reward you with suspension.
  • Thirdly, take the situation as a mini hiccup and offer to replace the product or offer complete refund or both with added purchase benefits. This gesture will go miles in winning the trust of the customer and encourage them to leave a better feedback.
  • Lastly, if the customer neither accepts the remedies nor reverts to your communication, you can always request the respective platforms to follow due processes and delete the review. There are a number of Amazon seller tools software solutions that can help with in depth review management, be it in terms of feedback generation or removal.

5 Ways High Quality Amazon eBay Seller Softwares Can Help Small Sellers

While no one can contest the fact that eBay Amazon seller solutions especially those designed for core operations like listing, inventory management, order control etc can come with a hefty price tags, they are actually a must for all sellers even the smaller, newer and budget restricted ones. In this respect, here is a brief roundup of 5 core causes as mentioned by small sellers themselves, as to why otherwise pricey eBay Amazon seller software tools can help their cause in innumerable and often lifesaving ways…

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Freedom from trial and error –

Firstly, Amazon and eBay are marketplaces that are well known for their unmatched pace where the slightest errors and faults can lead to drastic consequences like immediate loss of visibility, traffic and more something that new and inexperienced sellers are most likely to do. Assistance from quality ecommerce solutions can prevent such hiccups and hassles thereby enabling the entities gain a productive head start.

Advanced features for maximizing automation –

Be it Amazon eBay auto listing software, inventory / order management tools or anything for that matter, enhanced automation in core processes and more is assured to help new entities stay in pace with the marketplace without making critical errors.

End to end tracking benefits –

It is very common for new selling entities to feel lost when it comes to tracking their orders / activities in Amazon and eBay. Quality seller softwares ensure condensing the overall activities very comprehensively in one single user interface.

Flexibility to grow with the business –

Unlike substandard solutions or manual efforts, high quality eBay Amazon seller software tools are designed to grow with the growing business and accommodate the diversifying needs very smoothly without the users having to switch from software to software.

Compatibility with new and inexperienced sellers –

Lastly, high quality tools and softwares these days are very easy to use and install making them perfect for new and inexperienced ecommerce entities. Topped with end to end customer support, these solutions are worth every penny spent on them.