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4 Tips To Perform Profitably In Newegg

Newegg has been a productive marketplace for any seller to add as an integral part of their e commerce endeavors. While it is true that this online shopping platform is nowhere close to Amazon, eBay or even in terms of ranking, but it certainly plays a role in maximizing traffic and sale in the part of motivated selling entities.

For those that are new to Newegg and wish to boost their performance from day 1, here are 4 selling tips that can help with quick and effective results…

Operational basics

Everything from Newegg inventory to listing management, operational basics form the spine of Newegg performance standards. Sellers that are into multichannel selling need to focus upon their integrated performance with other marketplaces of presence while ensuring that Newegg does not suffer in terms of traffic generation.
Maintaining order completion standards to highest quality – Seller performance in Newegg depends largely on the quality of order fulfillment maintained by the sellers.

As has been specified by the platform, sellers need to ship their orders within 1 to 2 days, failing which, the orders may become void. Higher the void ratio lower the seller performance will be. Using SBN or Shipped by Newegg can also contribute to maintaining high standards of order fulfillment.

Newegg integration is usually easy and effective as Walmart Partner API integration, approaching which can improve seller performance in this marketplace many times over.

Review generation and handling

Newegg takes ratings and reviews posted by buyers very seriously. In fact, seller performance depends to an enormous extent on what buyers have to say about their purchase experience in this marketplace. Generation of positive reviews and dealing with negative reviews very professionally and politely is one of the best ways to be in the good books of Newegg and maintain high raking in this marketplace.

3 Reasons Why Sellers Believe That Walmart Marketplace Is Strictly Growth Based

Third party sellers in are indeed very happy with the way the marketplace is treating them mostly in terms of delivering the promise of achieving quicker growth and gains. In fact, many happy sellers have cited three uncontested reasons that have been helping maintain its growth based nature that can be mentioned as follows…

API integration is made very easy –

When it comes to syncing API, Walmart has indeed been very proactive in many ways. Teaming up with some of the most innovative e commerce solution developers that can be approached very easily can be mentioned in this respect. some of these professional entities offer their solutions at very affordable prices making it easy for the sellers to approach.

Stipulations for performance improvement are very strict –

Secondly, has laid out a very strict set of stipulations as far as maintaining and improving performance standards is concerned. From end to end integration especially for multichannel endeavors including shopping carts like Walmart Volusion integration has been termed critical besides focusing upon the importance of high quality order completion solution, inventory management systems etc. Attempting to abide by these stipulations by itself, pulls up the performance of sellers to an extent that growth becomes an inevitable outcome of the efforts. invites only the best third party endeavors to perform in their platform –

Walmart invites only those sellers that have very high performance records in their current platform of sale. Say for example, Amazon sellers that aim to look for a place in are expected to rule the Buy Box, have very high reviews and ratings, have order defect ratio of less than 1% and an unchallenged system of order completion. This basically filters in sellers that possess the capability to grow and prosper than those that may not be able to put in the required level of efforts.