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Walmart Marketplace V/s Amazon – Seller Verdict On Selling Environment

Amazon and has always ensured creating and maintaining selling environment that is conducive for the progress of sellers in terms of growth and profits. However there are certain differences between the two marketplaces that makes one more favorable than the other. When it comes to launch a Walmart marketplace v/s Amazon debate, here are certain essential factors upon which the differences can be highlighted…

Competition –

At this very moment, Amazon is way tougher in terms of competition than for all the obvious reasons. In fact, it will not be entirely wrong to say that Amazon is fast reaching a point of saturation something that will never match till the next decade.

Nature of sellers –

Amazon supports all kinds of sellers be it retailers, small sellers, brand owners large business etc. on the other hand, entertains mostly brand owners and category leaders, a move that keeps numerous entities off the list.

Seller support –

Amazon scores more in terms of in-built seller support solutions all thanks to its years of existence in the market. Walmart at present, is nowhere close in this respect, but is closing in with measures like partnering with some of the top e commerce solution developers for offering fool proof integration and setup support to new entities.

Nature of buyers –

Amazon invites more affluent buyers especially through Amazon prime that care less about cost and more about quality of service. on the other hand invites buyers that are looking for the lowest price for basic products.

Nature of commodities sold – mainly focuses on housing basic everyday items including grocery, while the scope of Amazon stretches to support luxury items as well. In fact, Walmart differs from eBay, and certain other competitors as well in this respect.