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How To Tell If Ecommerce Software Reviews Are Real Or Fake

It is sad but true… not all reviews that you read about ecommerce seller support softwares or any product / service for that matter are genuine. All thanks to cut throat competition raging in this otherwise booming sector, entities often unfortunately feel the need to tarnish the reputation of their rivals by paying people to post horrible reviews about the services of the latter. Revolting as this sounds, such acts can often prevent seekers of quality services to not approach worthy providers owing to misinformation. Instances as such have been reported in eBay listing software reviews as well and needs to be addressed wisely.

Shipstation Shopify

While there are not many clear cut ways to identify authenticity in reviews, here are some that can help to a significant extent…

Check who posted the review and check the content of the review very closely –

Genuine reviews often contain complete details of the individual that posted the review including details of his / her ecommerce stores and comprehensive information about the ecommerce services sought from the concerned providers. Inauthentic reviews however, do not contain any comprehensive details about the review poster, their ecommerce endeavors or even the problems they are experiencing with the service providers. The feedback usually contains a lot of rant and desperate appeal to readers of the reviews to not approach the concerned software / company.

The response of the company to the review –

This is very important. Always check how the concerned service provider has responded to the reviews posted by the seemingly aggrieved party. Responsible companies will always make a genuine effort to understand the issue and address it at the earliest. However, if the review was inauthentic, there will not be much in the part of the clients to cry about and they will eventually back out or pull down their review. For example, there was once a review posted against third party integration services sought for Shipstation Shopify syncing which had to be pulled down after the concerned client could not offer proper details about what went wrong and eventually stopped responding to the company.