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Mastering the art of managing inventory on Amazon, eBay

Only the online vendors will really understand the true pain of managing inventory. It’s easier said than done! Handling so many products and orders together, the hassle is immeasurable—even more, if the sellers have multiple sales channel.

However, difficult it is, not impossible. All you need is to be a bit smart and calculative in your decisions.

Here’s how to induct yourself into the esteem league of successful online sellers—here’s how to master the art of inventory management on Amazon, eBay.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution

It’s a must today, recommended by every expert. Bank on the third-party Amazon and eBay selling software solution. Integrate all your stores together, and handle the backend of your business, including inventory management (in real-time), from a centralized platform. The likes of ChannelSale offer seamless integration between marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines that pack a host of features and facilities.

Limit the number of your storefronts

Sure the more storefronts you have, the higher will be the return. However, this doesn’t mean that you go crazy by opening your stores on every marketplace and multiple websites. Instead of this, take time to understand which platforms will give you higher return (sales and revenue); scarp the low-converting platforms and stick to the ones that assure more profit. Cutting back on the number of storefronts will save you from quite a bit of inventory management hassle.

Outsource help!

Yes, you don’t want to hire full-time employees; you’re a lone wolf, we get it. But you can sure outsource help; hire freelancers for selected period. Good news is that today, few of the top e-commerce solution also offers managed services, helping sellers, resellers and agencies with all the backend tasks, including eBay and Amazon inventory management. Pick the right e-commerce solution and bank on its managed services.

These are three simple ways to handle inventories like a complete pro. Good luck!

Best Approach To Sell On eBay With Medium Level Inventory

eBay as a top performing marketplace, accommodates almost all kinds of sellers irrespective of their sizes, levels of experience or types of businesses that they may possess. At the moment, eBay sellers have the option of either selling as individual hobby sellers or sell through stores of their own. More often than not, this decision depends upon the levels of inventory that the sellers have under their umbrella. For sellers with very few products in their list, it is always best to opt for individual selling. For those who have medium to large inventories, it is always advisable to sell on eBay though well designed stores.

While sellers with really large inventories are seen to make the most of the store options, it is the ones in the middle (that is those with medium level inventories) that are seen to be stuck while deciding between individual selling and selling through stores. It is true that operating through stores has its own share of advantages. Nevertheless, this fact can never be ignored that the rules for owners of eBay stores are more stringent than otherwise. From established fee structure to set up, from commission to payments, everything calls for utmost attention at all times.

In short, errors, flaws and issues in operations can lead to serious concerns in the form of losing customers and resultant profits. This is a risk that medium level sellers can seldom take. In order to start efforts with a balanced approach, it is imperative that the sellers evaluate the pros and cons of the methods that they choose for selling in this platform. Secondly, at all times, it is imperative to power the endeavor with eBay selling softwares that is assured to go a very long way in establishing operational ease through automation of the processes.

This applies to vital and non negotiable aspects like listing, all encompassing inventory control, order completion support, pricing assistance as well as shielding from errors. These advantages will eventually ensure that any mode of selling embraced by the mid level sellers would bring in equal benefits.

How Exposed Are eBay Sellers To Fraud

It has often been seen that buyers in eBay or any e commerce marketplace for that matter are a little apprehensive about the authenticity of the products they order and the payments that they make. Sniffing out fraud may have just escalated as a fundamental right of all those who are either first time visitors or frequent purchasers from those platforms. However, not many will be able to believe that things can often go the other way round where it is the sellers especially in platforms like eBay who have much to fear against fraudulent buyers.

Being one of those few platforms of sale where infinite varieties of products in their freshest form or used form are sold every single second, it is possible to invite an overwhelming variety of buyers some of whom may not be in the possession of best intensions. More often than not, it is the new eBay seller who have minimum experience in selling in the platform who suffer blows from these inauthentic purchasers. At present, there are at least a thousand innovative ways with which many of these fraudsters have managed to create dents in the otherwise prospering businesses in eBay.

At all costs, it is imperative for the sellers to keep their guards up in this matter and be very cautious about selling to people who sound dubious. Say for example, if a certain buyer wants the concerned seller to sell outside eBay, it is best to ignore such demands and be wary of the same buyer while monitoring his / her activities in eBay if they choose to return. There are also a number of geniuses who manage to dodge payments by creating fake payment receipts in favor of the sellers. So, having PayPal accounts secured is also very necessary and this is a matter that should never be postponed to a later date.

Improve Your eBay Store With These Tips

Owning an eBay store has not been a cakewalk for serious eBay sellers. There was a time when merely the store presence could assure traffic and profits. But all thanks to the ever changing nature of eBay, at this very moment, things have gone way over above and beyond the basics. In simple words, your eBay store needs to possess that sparkle to attract the attention of the target buyers who may be conducting search for similar products in the marketplace. Of late, if your store has not managed to grow as expect nor has it been able to get the desired traffic or conversions, it may be time to pull up your socks and work towards giving the same a well deserved face lift.


It all starts with running a meticulous eye through the appearance of your store from A to Z. From custom pages to keywords, from promotional pages to images, everything needs to be checked for discovering scope for improvement. You can always take a sneak peek at the stores of your competitors and see what is making them sell on eBay with considerable success and dazzle among the purchase motivated crowd. Being motivated by worthy ideas is always good but copying it bit to bit is seldom entertained. Maintaining ingenuity is imperative while designing or redesigning your store and there are no two ways about it.

The next tip to improving your store presence in eBay is to initiate the process of integration. An integrated eBay store is proven to be ahead in terms of competition compared to those that are not integrated or partially integrated. Usage of eBay selling softwares to power essential operative aspects of selling in this marketplace can be a lifesaving decision. For sellers who are not confident about handling the process on their own must seek professional assistance which is available affordably from authentic e commerce solution developers.

How Integration Improves Shopify eBay Compatibility

Hundreds of sellers would agree that Shopify is one of the easiest store-building solutions that anyone can avail in the decade. The options for store fronts are plenty and bountiful while the features for operations are appreciable and of course, getting better by the day. However, no one can say it enough that even the best of store building shopping cart solutions can fall short when operating in top performing marketplaces like eBay. If the concerned Shopify powered seller is into multichannel selling, things can take a more difficult course.

The primary need of all e commerce sellers these days is to make the most of every single minute with more time spared for planning growth than everyday mundane operations. And this can only be done when the tiresome manual processes dedicated to a larger number of fast performing platforms of sale can be condensed to bare minimum. This is the first and the most important task that is shouldered by conscious and updated Shopify eBay integration efforts.

On integrating Shopify with eBay through dependable e commerce solution providers, sellers can win the assurance of flawlessness and seamlessness in processes like eBay listing management, inventory management, shipping and order completion, tracking performance, staying in touch with buyers through e mails, sms alerts and many more. eBay again, is one of those platforms that have been named for its volatility as far as its changing nature is concerned. Being in sync with the help of the right integration processes can save sellers from facing the retarding impacts of sudden changes.

Besides this, Shopify eBay integration solutions from top e commerce solution providers also assure a range of other benefits besides the basics. Say for example, certain solutions come with added assistance in the direction of pricing and re pricing besides offering bidding directions as well. These are features that are best when embraced upfront.