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How To Spot Fake Ecommerce Software Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to judge the performance of ecommerce seller support solutions and make purchase / subscription decisions accordingly. However, these days, not all reviews are authentic and should thus, not be trusted. Inauthentic reviews whether Amazon listing software reviews or reviews on any other tools / support system for that matter are usually made by people that have never used the solutions themselves. These entities are hired by competing companies to create misinformation about the solution in order to gain and retain their own competitive deg.


Identifying inauthentic / fake reviews requires nothing more than a bit of focus and attention on the nature of the reviews which usually reflects the following aspects…

  • Firstly, inauthentic reviews severely lack details about the concerned ecommerce support solutions. The body of the review is mostly on scratch basics and usually involves derogatory remarks about the company or the software itself without focusing upon what actually went wrong.
  • Secondly, fake reviews usually host remarks on otherwise long term advantages that the software is supposed to offer immediately after its launch. This is practically impossible. For example, a list of eBay store management software reviews were released within a week after its launch by an anonymous user saying that it does nothing in terms of growing with growing business. Businesses usually take months or years to grow. Therefore, making this remark within a week of software launch makes the remark strictly questionable.
  • Thirdly, no response to communication made by the providers of the softwares is a clear indicative of the fact that the review has clear intensions of defaming the solution and nothing else.

A mini glimpse into the aspects of real reviews…

  • Minutest detail about the software is mentioned in the review. This includes the software version, installation details, evidence of real communication with the company including transactions etc.
  • The tone of the review is more about seeking a solution than bad mouthing the company or pleading with others not to buy the concerned software.
  • Immediate response to any communication made by the providers and helping them with necessary details to address the issue