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How Can You Get Items off eBay?

Whether you are managing eBay or inventory, you need to get your listed products out of the store that you are an affiliate of. It might be that you have lost or misplaced a specific product or do not want to sell it for some reason or other. One of the biggest marketplaces online, eBay allows sellers to list their products for consumers to purchase. You can remove products listings easily from your eBay seller account. However, you need to keep in mind that eBay lets sellers remove items only in case it is less than 12 hours after the listing has been posted. Here are the steps to get items off your eBay account.

Log into your eBay account

First of all, you need to log into your seller account on eBay. Visit and sign into the system with your email id and password. Find your seller account page and check out your dashboard.

Find the product that you wish to remove

Check out your “End My Listing Early” homepage by making use of the link that has been provided in the in Resources section. Enter the “item number” related to the product that you wish to remove from the system. Click on the “Continue” option. You will find the item no. on your product listing and also the email for listing confirmation that has been sent to your inbox. If the process looks difficult for you, getting assistance from Magento inventory management service providers can be useful.

Remove the item

Once you have found out the product, click on the option “Cancel bids and end listing early”. Once this is done, click on the option “Continue”.

Offer the reason

You will be shown a box that prompts why you wish to remove the product and terminate your listing ahead of time. Type the reason in and click on the option “Continue”. This will help remove the product.

While Amazon takes up to 24 hours to remove product listings, eBay immediately removes a listing from the system. After you submit the reason, there are no other procedures that you have to go through.