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Has Amazon Placed A Glass Ceiling On Seller Central Merchants

When you become an Amazon seller, you are required to sign up as a seller central subscriber. Basically, this is one of the quickest and smartest ways to get a kick start with business in this otherwise lightning paced platform. The Amazon seller central usually comes with a number of advantages that appear almost complete and nearly all inclusive to the users of the same. The flexibility and accommodative nature of this facility has also reaped applause from global users of the same. Complete control over pricing of the products, flexibility with respect to warehouse inventory, and greater access to customer data as well as comfortable payment frequency can be mentioned in this respect.

Brilliant as this may sound initially, sellers who have been using the seller central for long enough have come face to face with the fact that something somewhere is somehow incomplete. The first realization comes in when the vendor central is held in comparison. The latter is an ‘invite only’ advantage that is extended to certain qualifying merchants who need to give away their inventory rights as well as that of pricing and payments to Amazon. Amazon in turn ensures that the products that they have taken complete responsibility for, sell out faster and that too more profitably. This is perhaps the reason why the benefit of Amazon Vine, Amazon Prime Pantry, A+ content, facility of electronic data exchange compliance as well as automated returns handling has been allowed to the vendor central and not to the seller central users.

Besides this, when it comes to multichannel order management and associated matters, the seller central may not be of any particular use mostly because it is centered in Amazon only and does not spill to include other platforms of sale (which is a little unlike FBA). Basically, there is a sort of give and take as far as the seller central is concerned making the glass ceiling look more prominent to some than the others.

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