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Here’s Why FBA Is Just As Attractive To Non-Amazon Sellers

Fulfillment by Amazon is a genius order fulfillment system that is applicable to all sellers in all marketplaces and not just entities performing in Amazon. The all inclusive seller compatibility of FBA is perhaps one of the greatest boons to the world of e commerce mainly in terms of adding faultlessness to every delivery of every subscriber is concerned. Following are some of the tangible reasons why FBA is expected to retain its popularity among the ecommerce fraternity for years into the foreseeable future…

Firstly, FBA has always been the second name for ease and dependability. On subscribing to FBA, sellers only need to ship their inventory to the warehouses and the rest if taken care of without having to lift a finger. This includes picking, packing, shipping, delivery and even returns if applicable. Sellers with multichannel integrated performance like Netsuite Amazon / Walmart etc can also receive instant updates on the status of the order fulfillment.

Secondly, FBA increases scope of business for all sellers in all platforms. Sellers that may have been dreading extending the scope of delivery can do so confidently with FBA. It is true that fees will be applicable; but working out profitable prices can balance out the odds favorably.

Thirdly, FBA integration is easy. Whether Rakuten FBA or eBay FBA or any other marketplaces for that matter, ecommerce solution developers these days have come out with very functional integration solutions that can link the two platforms at the blink of an eye! With perfect end to end integration, sellers will be able to wade through common hassles associated with FBA that mainly include loss of control on inventory, missing out on updates and alerts, mismanagement of fees etc.

Lastly, while buyers may face initial confusion on receiving a parcel from Amazon on ordering from some other marketplace, at the end of the day they will be happy with the services and may leave a good review or two.