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What eBay Sellers Can Learn From The Sale of ‘Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic Ale Circa 1852’

Time and gain, sellers in eBay have been reminded to not take the process of listing for granted. Listing and product data feed management is aimed not just at making the options available to a sea of buyers, but to make them attractive enough so that the latter is to make purchases while opening windows for making the deal more profitable in favor of the sellers themselves. and yes, using eBay seller softwares is only a small part of the entire deal.

The power of listing to make or break a seller in eBay can be summed up with the sale of ‘Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic Ale Circa 1952’ in the simplest way…

The story

This product of enormous historical significance was brewed specially for Sir Edward Belcher’s Arctic Expedition 1852 and also had a handwritten note with it. The first owner of this bottle sold this exceptional product for 304$ while the buyer of the same resold it for an astonishing 503,300$. While it is unknown if the original seller recovered from the jolt, the fact remains, that everything about this winner deal has to do with listing.

Here’s what went wrong with the first seller

The original seller made multiple mistakes in listing starting with spelling the name wrong. Instead of writing Allsopp’s with two p’s, there was only one p in the listing. This brought down the credibility of the product with prospective buyers. Secondly, the product had only three pictures which did not contribute to its believability.

What went right with Seller 2

Basically, seller 2 spelt the product right and posted many more pictures of the same which resulted in the massive success that most sellers can only wish for. The seller may also have conducted a proper valuation of this rare piece before putting it out for bidding. The moral of the story is to ensure that every last letter in listing contributes to enhancing the quality of the product. This applies not just in eBay but also when you sell on Sears, Amazon, Rakuten, sell on Walmart or anything else for that matter.