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4 Ways To Tell If You Qualify For Walmart Selling

Walmart online marketplace is not for every third party ecommerce seller that aspires to experience its glory. If you are among the enthusiastic lot that is in the process of gaining entry into this marketplace, here are 4 ways to tell if you even qualify to sell products on or not…

What kind of seller are you – Walmart, unlike Amazon is a marketplace that focuses on a certain variety of products to attract a certain variety of customers. Basically, it is a place for sellers that sell general everyday items at the lowest prices to benefit buyers looking for good quality products at best budget friendly rates. Therefore, if you are a seller of luxury goods and are looking for high profit margins at the very onset, may not be the right place for you.

Your order fulfillment apparatus – Walmart online marketplace takes a very close look at your order completion set up before it allows you entry into the platform. At all times, your fulfillment apparatus is expected to be of very high quality that is equivalent to or better than your setup in other top online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Your order defect rates also need to be less than 1%; 0% being more agreeable.

Quality integration like Volusion eBay Amazon Walmart etc. can also play a role in determining how far you will go in

Your ability to pull in traffic – How far are you planning to go with your traffic driving strategies in favor of Your ability, apparatus and chosen platforms for traffic pulling matter when you plan to sell products on

Reviews and ratings – Your selling track record matters in every respect when you apply for a place in this platform. Walmart takes a meticulous look at your performance records in terms of visibility maintenance, buy box presence, order / inventory management reviews and ratings on other marketplaces of presence before giving you the green signal to go ahead in Walmart.

4 Steps To Sell Products On Responsibly

Selling in assures enhanced visibility, growth and profits in the part of all sellers whether third party or otherwise. However, it is very necessary for sellers to abide by certain marketplace responsibilities in order to remain in the good books of the platform and make expected levels of profits month after month…

Maintaining price policies –

This is the first step to sell products on responsibly and in tune with the values and ideals of the marketplace. assures the lowest prices in all products across all product categories that should be respected by all sellers at all times.

Focusing on product value –

Besides maintaining lowest product price, sellers are also required to maintain high purchase value that supersedes the existing levels of purchase value extended by top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. This includes everything from zero shipping charges to extended return period and more.

Introducing products in tune with marketplace visitors –

Selling in becomes very easy and profitable when sellers introduce marketplace friendly products in their listing. These products have also been witnessed to rise in visibility and ranking more speedily thus, catering to instant profits and growth in the part of respective sellers.

Seamless integration –

This is the most important factor in responsible selling of products in Walmart marketplace. Walmart marketplace integration by far has been far easier to attempt in comparison with other integrations like integration etc. The integration process should include marketplace shopping cart integration along with multi channel integration if the seller is spread across other platforms of sale including affiliate networks.

Successful and responsible selling in gets very easy if sellers approach professionals for the purpose. has partnered with innovative and affordable ecommerce solution developers that can offer customized solutions for instantly enhanced performance.