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Shopping Feed Facelift Mini Guide For eBay Selling 2016

Your shopping feed needs a facelift… this phrase can be counted among the few other essentials that e commerce sellers never want to hear. The obvious results of the facelift though, can be very reassuring and motivating at the same time for sellers to jump into the process once again. A fresh new approach to shopping feed management is usually not a difficult task. All it takes is a little innovation and a little investment to make the listings become more profitable that they have been…

  • Firstly, determine why your target buyers want to buy at all? If a certain product has outlived its years of glory, it is wise to remove it from the listing. Taking the simplest of example, with iphones ruling the scene, Blackberry is not much in demand. If you are glorifying the latter while buyers are searching constantly for best deals in the former, your loss in assured. The thing is, if you don’t want to stock the former, stop listing the latter as well. This will help you save cost per listing in the respective platforms of sale.
  • If you are not using softwares for feed optimization, it’s about time you do so. Using the right softwares will save you hours of time and effort to give you the most suitable keywords that is likely to fetch the best of traffic to your store. it may also work in your favor to call in professional assistance for customized feed management which is allowed in many top performing platforms.
  • Thirdly, it never hurts to fortify your integration system with more powerful and feature packed tools that are released by e commerce solution developers from time to time. Be it Shopify eBay integration or 3D Cart Amazon or anything for that matter, feed management always gets a boost with improved integration