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Here’s Why And Are Rising As Amazon Substitutes

Walmart’s acquisition of and the formation of Pangaea has been a phenomenal step taken by these marketplaces towards a glorious and rather unchallenged ecommerce future. In fact, the scope of these two marketplaces have reached so far that many e commerce sellers are consciously considering Jet and Walmart as good substitutes for Amazon. Here are a few good reasons to support this slow and steady drift…

Both platforms are rising as traffic magnets –

It is true that none of these marketplaces come anywhere close to Amazon when it comes to traffic, unique visitors and repeat customers, but this does mean that these platforms are lacking in buyers in any way. itself experiences over 90 million visitors and counting with catching up with the figures.

Low level of competition –

As compared with Amazon, both and have low seller competition for the obvious reason that the marketplaces are new. Initiating simple integration with shopping carts like Volusion, Walmart Shopify etc can maintain operational excellence, high visibility and ranking for a prolonged period of time.

Dedication to effective advertising and marketing efforts is pulling enormous traffic towards these platforms – and poured in a significant amount of funds in the direction of marketing and advertising which is working in favor of building purchase motivation with a larger number of online shoppers. This is an inbuilt advantage that all sellers can make the most of.

Both are immensely promising in terms of seller opportunities and ease in selling practices –

Both Walmart and Jet has done their bit to make seller performance easy and effective right from the time of setup. Walmart API is very easy to integrate with which has given sellers an instant edge as far as going live with their listing and managing operations is concerned. API on the other hand has been a little troublesome in the beginning but not anymore.

Readymade integration solutions along with high performance selling tools and softwares are very easily available these days and that too at affordable prices. Integration Has Become Surprisingly Easy – Here’s Why API integration has long been recognized as one of the most difficult tasks in the world of e commerce integration to approach. In fact, many sellers have also considered not joining this otherwise promising and profitable marketplace for the simple reason that they had o clue about how to carry out the integration process whether API or inter platform or any others for that matter. Things though, have changed significantly over the past year for the better, and here are 3 good reasons why almost all of the existing issues have been addressed successfully…

  • Firstly, is not new anymore. With almost 2 years to its birth, this marketplace has reached a level of stability where concrete pre designed integration strategies can be developed and applied successfully. Sellers have already gone through the trial and error process over and over again especially with marketplace / shopping cart integrations like Shopify etc. to understand the moods of this platform and thus, make more informed and enlightened approach towards the same.
  • Secondly, e commerce solution developers that have been working day and night to create functional integration solutions for have finally come up with sophisticated tools and softwares to the likeness of Walmart API key etc. that are specific to the marketplace. All that the sellers need to do is access these assistive solutions and integrate the same with their operative systems. Experiencing enhanced automation with these tools is thus, possible in
  • Thirdly, hiring professionals for comprehensive integration at present is affordable and yielding at the same time. There are promising e commerce solution developers that offer core integration services in as little 250$ which can often get cheaper with occasional discounts. Keeping an eye open for quality professionals can make any endeavor comprehensive and profitable.