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3 Things That Makes Walmart Online Marketplace More Attractive Than

While eBay and Amazon have been retaining their supremacy in the world of e commerce quite unshakably, it is the newer players in this domain that are seen to compete neck to neck for maximum attention from prospective buyers. and can be mentioned in this respect, each of which is an integral part of the blossoming Pangaea, as being structured by Walmart to surpass Amazon in the very near future.

Even though and use the lowest price assurance to win visibility, it has been observed that the former actually scores a little higher in the books of prospective sellers than the latter. Here are 3 good reasons to justify this preference…

Walmart marketplace API integration is far easier and more comprehensive to approach than API integration – This is one of the most important reasons why sellers are more comfortable approaching Walmart over jet.

Walmart is a generations-old name – Walmart is a generations-old entity that has penetrated deep into to lives of people not only in the USA but beyond borders as well. Therefore, building trust and traffic in favor of its online endeavor will never be an issue. on the other hand is comparatively new with merely 2 years to its existence and thus, has a whole lot to prove to prospective buyers.

Sellers are thus better off with a marketplace that already exudes dependability.

Walmart has already featured among the top 3 online shopping destinations in the USA alone – traffic generation through is thus a greater possibility than with which is yet to walk miles in this direction.

With the aid and assistance of high quality integration service providers that offer seamless solutions for otherwise trying processes like Magento integration etc, sellers can bridge the gaps in both marketplaces and achieve optimum levels of performance in both.