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Old techniques aren’t increasing your online sales? This will (definitely) help you

Sometimes, even with your best strategies in action, it gets extremely difficult to increase your online sales. After all, the sales depend on an awful lot of factors and not solely on, as is generally precepted, how cheap you’re offering your products at.

If you’re in the same ditch – ‘been there done that’ – and are struggling to boost your online revenue, it’s likely the best time to do what the profitable vendors have been doing for quite some months now.

MassGenie Marketplace seller

Sell on the crowdsourced marketplace

There’s a new way people are shopping online. Many customers have bid adieu the traditional e-commerce platforms and they are flocking to the crowdsourced marketplaces. These marketplaces have emerged to be a holy grail to strike never-before cheaper deals on high-quality, branded products. The basic concept is simple—the more people they are shopping with, the lower they will have to pay.

This model has been tried and tested already. And not just for the shoppers, it has helped even the sellers get big rewards. In chase of cheaper deals, the customers usually bring more people with them through social media channels (which includes a free promotion for your brand). This crowd shopping ends up boosting sellers’ revenue in a rather short span.

Sounds interesting?

Be an early adopter and join this trend along with other smart online sellers.

Register for ChannelSale MassGenie marketplace seller opportunity WEBINAR is one of the leading crowdsourced marketplaces in the world. Founded in mid-2017, it has already become a favorite destination for thousands of shoppers who are looking for affordable but high-quality products. Sell on this platform. It’s easy, trust us. And with the exclusive webinar, ChannelSale is bringing for the sellers, it’s going to be easier.

Yes, ChannelSale is bringing a joint webinar with MassGenie ‘Marketplace seller opportunity’ that will include Dan DeVries, COO of MassGenie. Scheduled on 22 August 2018 (Wednesday) at 1:00 PM EST, the webinar will include discussion on a range of topics, including how MassGenie works, what kind of sellers are best suited for this platform and how you can sell more. Coming from the key person in the organization, you can trust all the tips and advice of Dan DeVries to bring a big fortune.

So, register for the webinar today and give your online sales the biggest boost ever. Go here to register.

Become a Top Sears, Kmart Seller with E-commerce Solution and ChannelSale Webinar

Championing the art of selling big is no small task. It’s even more dramatic and difficult when selling on competitive platforms like Sears and Kmart. However, that doesn’t mean you should stick to a marginal returns from all your efforts. There are few backdoor essentials that can boost your sales and put you at the very top of success ladder.

Here are 2 essentials how you can be a superstar seller on Sears, Kmart and ShopYourWay:

Integrate all your selling channels together

This is the simplest thing you can do to level yourself up with the successful names in your niche. Signup to a good multi-channel e-commerce software solution, use its centralized platform and integrate all your marketplaces, standalone stores and affiliate networks with each other. This will make handling the backend process of your multiple stores much easier, right from product listing and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment.

Listen to what experts are saying

There’s a reason why some people are called “experts”. Because they have years of experience and vast knowledge! So whenever they say or advise something, listen to them very carefully and then implement that accordingly.

ChannelSale, one of the topmost multi-channel e-commerce software solution providers, is all geared to bring an exclusive webinar for the Sears, Kmart and ShopYourWay sellers. Scheduled for 11:30 PM IST on February 20, 2018 (Tuesday), the webinar will include industry leading names: Kim Coovert and Joseph Farnsworth, director of program management and senior manager of marketplace operations at Sears respectively. Also, Christie Rugh, senior director of Sears marketplace will be on the panel. The webinar will cover various topics around the best selling practices for sellers, resellers and agencies. Registration is still open. Go here and register.

So if you’re looking to champion Sears, Kmart and ShopYourWay as a superstar seller, these are two basic level of essentials that would help your case. Good luck!