Ways Integration Services Can Enhance Your Ecommerce Scope

Ecommerce integration has been a blessing to serious sellers in innumerable ways. While it is true that many selling entities are often seen to argue about the high price tags that are usually associated with the process especially those involving top platforms like Magento Amazon eBay etc; here are a few good reasons that reveal that every penny spent on the process is actually very well spent…

Magento Amazon

You can manage all your operations through one single user interface –

It does not really matter how many marketplaces you create your presence in; with integration you can perform over 100s of platforms while managing all core operations and more through one single user interface. This way you will not have to visit your account in each platform individually to manage daily operations which is actually a genius way to condense overall efforts to bare minimum while maximizing productivity.

The level of automation will be exemplary leaving you plenty of time to diversify –

With end to end integration whether multichannel or basic like Shopify Walmart etc, you will be able to automate core processes like listing, inventory management, order management, tracking, reporting and more with nothing more than a few clicks. This can save you hours of time and efforts that can otherwise be spent on planning, product management and business development.

Besides this, automation has also been named as the key ingredient to minimize possible errors and flaws to scratch.

Order integration with one potent channel can enhance delivery scope like never before – Lastly, end to end integration with top order completion systems can help you centralize this critically important process while enhancing your delivery scope to innumerable destinations within your nation or international without any extra efforts in your part. This is perhaps, the best organic way to enhance sale and maximize revenues like never before.


4 Reasons Why Ecommerce Listing Softwares Can Malfunction

Ecommerce softwares and tools can be as good as they claim, but there are times when they end up disappointing users to unforgivable levels. Reports of eBay Amazon listing software malfunctions are not very uncommon these days; however, the reasons for such odds may not always lie with the quality of the softwares or intensions of the providers, but a list of other factors that usually go unnoticed, 4 of which can be listed as follows…

ecommerce Listing Softwares

To begin with, even the best of listing tools and softwares can malfunction if they are not compatible with your operative system. While it is true that these days ecommerce solution developers are being very cautious about ensuring that their products are all system compatible, but at the end of the day, inherent loopholes can take a toll on the performance of the same. Therefore, to be on the safer side of things, it is always wise to determine the system requirements of the solutions especially eBay Amazon listing software before signing up for subscription.

Secondly, adding on too many add-on features that don’t seem to blend in can cause the softwares to malfunction. This usually happens if you have chosen inflexible software that is not designed to accommodate other tools / features or if you have chosen poor quality add-on tools / features.

Thirdly, if you have chosen general softwares and not marketplace specific solutions, it is possible that the options would malfunction at some point of time. More compatible the listing softwares are with the marketplaces, lesser the chances of malfunctions would be.

Fourthly, it is imperative that you integrate the chosen softwares with all platforms of presence and your shopping cart solution; eBay Amazon Bigcommerce Jet.com etc can be mentioned as an example. Forgetting integration is one of the primary reasons why just about any seller software can refuse to perform with optimum efficiency.

Paid Tools Vs Free Tools – Which Should Amazon eBay Sellers Choose And Why

Are you an eBay Amazon seller that has faced the dilemma of choosing between free and paid selling tools? Here is a crisp guide that is sure to help…

Shopify Amazon

Free tools –

The biggest advantage is that they are free and can be downloaded very easily by anyone anytime.

They do contain basic features that can help sellers manage their daily operations when they start.

They are usually very easy to use, therefore users with minimum experience can approach these tools with maximum confidence.

On the flipside though…

Free Amazon eBay selling tools are known for not being backed by proper customer support especially when obtained from third party providers

They also do not contain updated, evolved and sophisticated features that may be critical for achieving optimum levels of operational efficiency and beating competition at the same time.

They are also very rarely updated; therefore, users need to be on their own guard when it comes to staying in tune with changes and fluctuations in the concerned marketplace.

Paid tools –

Paid tools on the other hand, counter the flipsides of free tools to levels of sheer excellence.

To begin with, they are usually designed with the best of evolved features that are extremely relevant when it comes to maximizing operational harmony, automation or staying ahead in competition.

They are very well supported with customer support services that can be reached very easily for having queries addressed, trouble shooting, installation / integration assistance or any other support for that matter.

They work phenomenally well when it comes to managing integrated multichannel efforts like eBay Shopify Amazon integration etc.

Providers of paid solutions especially 3P providers ensure offering frequent updates to users whether in terms of features or marketplace information. This not only helps sellers stay in tune with the frequent changes in the selling landscape of the concerned marketplaces but also experience their selling tools grow with the growing / changing needs of their business.

The only flipside of paid softwares is the obvious fact that you will have to spend on them with perfect knowledge that higher the quality gets, more your expenses will be.

A Quick Guide To Dealing With Nightmarish Reviews In Amazon / eBay

In eBay and Amazon, buyers can search for relevant products on the basis of reviews and ratings, which has been one of the major reasons why sellers have to shoulder the matter with due seriousness. Reviews and ratings also possess phenomenal power to influence purchase decisions of other potential buyers, making it imperative for latter to ensure generating organic positive reviews at all costs.

Amazon seller tools software

However, even with the assistance of the best of Amazon seller software tools, there are times when avoiding negative feedback becomes practically impossible. In the event of such occasions, here are a few effective steps that can be taken to overcome the odds with flair…

  • Firstly, never turn a blind eye to these reviews. Ignoring poor reviews can be devastating in many ways. Always ensure replying to the review politely and ask them to state in details what went wrong, very professionally.
  • Secondly, do not kick start a fight with the customer even if you know that the review may be inauthentic. Never take recourse to shaming them for posting the reviews in the first place or threaten them with consequences for the same. If you do so, be assured that the marketplace will reward you with suspension.
  • Thirdly, take the situation as a mini hiccup and offer to replace the product or offer complete refund or both with added purchase benefits. This gesture will go miles in winning the trust of the customer and encourage them to leave a better feedback.
  • Lastly, if the customer neither accepts the remedies nor reverts to your communication, you can always request the respective platforms to follow due processes and delete the review. There are a number of Amazon seller tools software solutions that can help with in depth review management, be it in terms of feedback generation or removal.

4 Limitations All eBay Amazon Listing Softwares Have

Ecommerce sellers that are often overenthusiastic about using listing softwares for top marketplaces like Amazon and eBay should be aware of the fact that everything under the sun comes with their fair share of limitations. Being enlightened about these limitations helps sellers understand and use the software solutions wisely more productively. Following are 4 such limitations that are very common in all top eBay and Amazon listing software solutions that will make sellers rethink their strategies while using the same…

eBay and Amazon listing software

No listing software is 100% automated –

100% automation in any software solution is a myth. At the most, the softwares can automate certain core processes like listing import and export, bulk feed improvements etc. But the rest will have to be handled by the sellers themselves, failing which, the entire listing endeavor can crash with devastating outcomes.

They seldom have all possible features –

While it is true that the world of ecommerce is buzzing with innovative features that allow maximizing productivity of listing endeavors to ultimate levels, it is impossible for any one single software to house each and every one of those features. Therefore, sellers will have to choose their solutions wisely an in tune with their requirements.

This is applicable for all ecommerce support solutions including top names like inventory management softwares Shopify / Volusion / Bigcommerce Plug-in and more.

They never guarantee profits or search ranking –

One can say profits and ranking are the side effects of using listing softwares and not direct consequences of the same. The core functions of softwares include improving efficiency in operations by adding the right doses of automation, removing possibilities or errors and faults and most importantly speeding up the process in tune with the temperament of the marketplaces.

You will have to pay a price for the best of softwares; it will seldom come for free –

Lastly, sellers should be aware of the fact that the best of listing softwares are seldom available for free. More features, greater client support and higher innovation quotient can take the prices up by hundreds of dollars.

Importance Of AR In eBay Amazon Selling

What is AR in ecommerce?

AR in ecommerce stands for augmented reality. This is basically one of those genius innovations that are intended to bridge the existing gap in online shopping in terms of inability of shoppers to see and feel the items they are about to purchase. With the aid and assistance advanced technology, AR minimizes doubts of buyers about the products listed in the marketplaces, thereby enhancing purchase motivation sans confusions and reducing the possibilities of return requests to scratch.

eBay listing service

At this very moment, more and more Amazon eBay listing service providers are focusing on AR compatibility thereby enhancing the chances of all selling entities to maximize their performance in the respective like never before.

How does it matter in eBay Amazon selling?

Sellers that are already using some form of AR services through compatible tools, software solution etc has been seen to gain enhanced visibility and search rankings in as little as a few hand counted weeks. Considering the fact that both of these marketplaces prefer and encourage sellers that offer very high purchase experience to buyers, using AR can be an unquestionable means to bag the best visibility and even the buy box for that matter. Gaining an instant edge in competition is the first and most relevant advantage of AR that no seller can take for granted.

What you need to do about it…

While it is true that the AR is still in the process of further development, sellers can approach reasonable AR solutions from top ecommerce solution developers especially those that offer high quality and evolved integration solutions like Magento Walmart, Shopify Amazon, Bigcommerce eBay and more. Sellers however, are advised to gain proper enlightenment about the nature and scope of AR before approaching the solutions and banking expectations of growth and profits with the same.

4 Steps To Productive And Affordable Ecommerce Integration

The world of ecommerce today is buzzing with the word ‘integration’ which, as has been mentioned by the market gurus, is an infallible solution to maintain faultless operational harmony especially in multichannel endeavors involving top marketplaces like Magento eBay, Amazon Bigcommerce etc. However, the matter of cost that is usually involved with this otherwise indispensable process has accounted for infinite newer and comparatively smaller ventures from avoiding integration altogether.


The inevitable outcomes of such decisions are usually disastrous, considering the fact that un-integrated ecommerce ventures often fall prey to serious mismanagement resulting in performance compromising errors that eventually takes a toll on visibility and traffic generation. In very simple words, losing to competition mainly in marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping etc is easy when integration is given the cold shoulder.

Following the importance of the process, here is an easy 4 step guide that can help smaller entities approach end to end integration with ample productivity and that too at costs that will not rip their budgets apart…

  • Firstly, it is necessary that you start with a shopping cart solution that have inbuilt compatibility with the marketplaces you intend to spread into. This will ensure that you don’t have to go out of way to access bulky integration solutions that can pile up in terms of costs considering the amount of features it injects into the process.
  • Secondly, it is very necessary to know that ecommerce integration professionals are not scammers. Authentic and dependable providers are very safe to approach and can complete end to end integrations like Shopify Walmart syncing within as less as a couple of weeks faultlessly.
  • Thirdly, always ask your chosen professionals if you can customize the process to your immediate needs so that you have to pay only for solutions that you require right away. This will go a long way in preventing you from spending on features that are usually included in general packages but you may not require.
  • Fourthly, give upcoming ecommerce solution developers a chance to prove their mettle. These rising geniuses offer their services at extremely competitive prices while not compromising on the quality of integration. Also, leaving a good review after service will help them scale the charts and gain effective exposure before other sellers that may benefit from their services.

Become a Top Sears, Kmart Seller with E-commerce Solution and ChannelSale Webinar

Championing the art of selling big is no small task. It’s even more dramatic and difficult when selling on competitive platforms like Sears and Kmart. However, that doesn’t mean you should stick to a marginal returns from all your efforts. There are few backdoor essentials that can boost your sales and put you at the very top of success ladder.

Here are 2 essentials how you can be a superstar seller on Sears, Kmart and ShopYourWay:

Integrate all your selling channels together

This is the simplest thing you can do to level yourself up with the successful names in your niche. Signup to a good multi-channel e-commerce software solution, use its centralized platform and integrate all your marketplaces, standalone stores and affiliate networks with each other. This will make handling the backend process of your multiple stores much easier, right from product listing and feed optimization to inventory management and order fulfillment.

Listen to what experts are saying

There’s a reason why some people are called “experts”. Because they have years of experience and vast knowledge! So whenever they say or advise something, listen to them very carefully and then implement that accordingly.

ChannelSale, one of the topmost multi-channel e-commerce software solution providers, is all geared to bring an exclusive webinar for the Sears, Kmart and ShopYourWay sellers. Scheduled for 11:30 PM IST on February 20, 2018 (Tuesday), the webinar will include industry leading names: Kim Coovert and Joseph Farnsworth, director of program management and senior manager of marketplace operations at Sears respectively. Also, Christie Rugh, senior director of Sears marketplace will be on the panel. The webinar will cover various topics around the best selling practices for sellers, resellers and agencies. Registration is still open. Go here and register.

So if you’re looking to champion Sears, Kmart and ShopYourWay as a superstar seller, these are two basic level of essentials that would help your case. Good luck!

5 Ways High Quality Amazon eBay Seller Softwares Can Help Small Sellers

While no one can contest the fact that eBay Amazon seller solutions especially those designed for core operations like listing, inventory management, order control etc can come with a hefty price tags, they are actually a must for all sellers even the smaller, newer and budget restricted ones. In this respect, here is a brief roundup of 5 core causes as mentioned by small sellers themselves, as to why otherwise pricey eBay Amazon seller software tools can help their cause in innumerable and often lifesaving ways…

ebay and amazon listing software

Freedom from trial and error –

Firstly, Amazon and eBay are marketplaces that are well known for their unmatched pace where the slightest errors and faults can lead to drastic consequences like immediate loss of visibility, traffic and more something that new and inexperienced sellers are most likely to do. Assistance from quality ecommerce solutions can prevent such hiccups and hassles thereby enabling the entities gain a productive head start.

Advanced features for maximizing automation –

Be it Amazon eBay auto listing software, inventory / order management tools or anything for that matter, enhanced automation in core processes and more is assured to help new entities stay in pace with the marketplace without making critical errors.

End to end tracking benefits –

It is very common for new selling entities to feel lost when it comes to tracking their orders / activities in Amazon and eBay. Quality seller softwares ensure condensing the overall activities very comprehensively in one single user interface.

Flexibility to grow with the business –

Unlike substandard solutions or manual efforts, high quality eBay Amazon seller software tools are designed to grow with the growing business and accommodate the diversifying needs very smoothly without the users having to switch from software to software.

Compatibility with new and inexperienced sellers –

Lastly, high quality tools and softwares these days are very easy to use and install making them perfect for new and inexperienced ecommerce entities. Topped with end to end customer support, these solutions are worth every penny spent on them.

3 Mistakes All New Amazon Sellers Should Consciously Avoid

Selling trends in Amazon have evolved dramatically over the recent past making imperative for all sellers to stay in tune with the same. This mostly applies to new entities that have just created their presence in this marketplace and are yet to warm up to meet the alarming pace of Amazon head on. To make things easy and to stay on the safer side of odds like invisibility, slow and unproductive performance etc. here is a small list of 3 common mistakes that sellers need to avoid in order to propel their endeavors in the right direction…

Amazon seller

Avoiding integration –

Most new sellers in Amazon think that they should leave the process of professional integration for later. This hampers productivity and operational efficiency to a massive extent especially when sellers are present in multiple other selling platforms. Avoiding end to end integration whether with shopping carts or other marketplaces of presence like Amazon Magento eBay syncing etc will add to the load of manual efforts that can otherwise be successfully automated with assurance of freedom from unwanted errors and faults.

Going for best Amazon seller software instead of suitable options –

Sellers that are over concerned about their Amazon endeavors often insist on approaching the certified best of all support solutions be it the best Amazon seller software, tools, plug-ins or any others for that matter. However, not many realize that the certified best may not often be suitable to their individual business requirements. At the end of the day, these sellers land with over the top super expensive evolved solutions that contain space age features almost half of which are not relevant to their endeavors. Therefore, they spend more for basic advantages thereby compromising their overall revenues.

Pushing back review generation and marketing endeavors for later –

Lastly, sellers that leave review generation out of their immediate selling strategies lose a lot in terms of visibility and conversions. This is mostly because buyers these days can filter their search on the basis of ratings and reviews; therefore not including it in urgent strategies can take a massive bite out of revenues.