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Data Feed Management For New E-commerce Sellers

What is Data Feed Management?

When you launch yourself in the world of e commerce in a marketplace or comparison shopping platform of your choice, you need to let the products in your stock go live so that target buyers can see them, taken interest in them and eventually place orders for the same. The process of feed-upload in bare basic terms refers to introducing your products in the marketplace with suitable titles, descriptions, images and most importantly, prices. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that it is the quality of your data feed that determines the level of conversions you will experience.

The process of data feed management though, has wider meaning. This involves usage and application of strategies that make their product feed more attractive in comparison with competitors’ feed. Making titles, descriptions, images and prices more compatible with the target buyers forms the most important part of this process.

How to Manage Data Feed for Visible Profits –

  • Optimize your feed without fail –

This is the first essential aspect of proper feed management. Proper optimization improves visibility of the feed and makes them more compatible with the search engines of the platforms.

The task of optimization and pricing management can be accomplished very easily with the help of software solutions. Using the latter will automate the essential processes that would otherwise have claimed hours of every single day.

  • Play by the rules of the marketplace comparison shopping site –

Playing by the rules of concerned platform is imperative. Top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are very particular about their data feed policies. Sellers who do not follow the rules are shown the door without second thoughts.

  • Integrate your cart with the chosen platform of sale –

Integrating your shopping cart with your chosen marketplace is critical when it comes to establishing error free data feed management. For example, if you are a Shopify powered seller performing in Amazon, you will have to carry out Shopify Amazon integration to achieve optimum data feed control.

Top Reasons For Using Comparison Shopping Feed Management Softwares

Comparison shopping engines can be your star ticket to driving maximum traffic to your online shop. Google Shopping, Price Grabber, Shopzilla and many more have been structured to ensure best prices for the shoppers and the best traffic and conversions to the sellers present in these platforms. It has been proven by statistics that mere presence in comparison shopping platforms ensure steep rise in the visibility of the sellers exposing the same to a flood of purchase motivated buyers. What needs to be borne in mind though is the fact that things may not be as easy as it sounds. The root of all success lies in how the concerned sellers manage their data feed in these platforms.

Comparison engines are all about best prices making it imperative for enthusiastic sellers to initiate and implement proper comparison shopping feed management. This is one of those critical processes that can make or break a seller’s ambition of no-nonsense growth and profits through these competitive platforms. Managing feed in these sites at all times need to be flawless with careful attention to the pricing of the products to maintain a competitive edge. The aim of all comparison shopping platforms is to offer the best deals to the buyers; and it is only through the process of proper feed management that sellers can bring their products to spotlight.

It will not be wrong to say that making a manual attempt at data feed management in comparison shopping sites is as good as committing suicide. Usage of softwares and tools dedicated to the cause is more than just imperative. Basically, softwares and tools that are designed to handle feed in comparison shopping platforms ensure automating the process which ensures freeing time in the part of the sellers. They also ensure faultlessness in the process which ensures keeping the sellers in the good books of these platforms.

At the same time, the task of competitive pricing and repricing is also handled robustly by these tools of super intelligence. In all, these tools are the simplest and the most effective solutions to maintaining profitable presence in comparison sites and should thus be used by all growth motivated sellers.

Refunding Customers in Magento – How Can You Do It?

The e-commerce software of Magento allows you to create as well as maintain a storefront online. There is a merchant interface in this platform which consists of varied features and lets you manage an online store with success. There is a premium Enterprise edition as well as a free of cost Community edition. With both editions, you can manage orders, run custom reports, view and edit client profiles and even issue refunds to buyers. Find out how you can issue refunds with the Magento eBay platform.

Access your present orders

Vissit and sign into your own account. You will find an administrative panel being automatically displayed. Move to the “Sales” tab located on the upper left section of the window of your admin panel. From the drop-down menu, click on the option “Order”. You will find a list of all your present orders being displayed.

Find your order to refund

If you find the process difficult, enlist help from any of the companies offering comparison shopping feed management and other assistive services. If you do not, move through the order list and choose the order you would like to refund. Click on the link “View” that is shown up beside the order. In order to initiate the process of refunding, click on the tab “Credit Memo”. This will produce a credit memo.

Check the number of products to refund

Move down the order page. Check the section for “Items to Refund”. Find the “Qty to Refund” section adjacent to the item that you wish to issue a product refund for. Once you have got the field, enter the number of items to refund. For instance, you need to type in the number “3” in case you will be refunding 3 items. Check the “Return to Stock” field in case the items were given back to the store. Do not check if no returns were made.

Send an email confirmation

Click on the “Email Copy of Credit Memo” option to send a confirmation email automatically to the buyer being refunded. You will be shown a window, where you can adjust the refund further.

Confirm the refund amount

Move to the section “Total Refund” on the window and ensure you are typing in correct refund amount. Once you are sure, click on the tab “Refund” to update invoice and reports automatically. Return to Orders page by pressing the back button.

Top Reasons Why You Need Feed Management Softwares

Feed management is not a task that can be accomplished single handedly or manually especially if you are a seller who is spread over multiple channels of selling. This is mostly because of the fact that activities in e commerce have caught speed over the past few years with no sign of slowing down any time soon. Data feed happens to be the backbone of any e commerce venture and thus needs to stay accurate at all times without fail irrespective of the speed or thoroughly evolving nature of the same over time.

Considering the importance of the process and difficulties surrounding the achievement of flawlessness in the same, the next best thing to do is to opt for data feed management software. Basically, the primary intent of these softwares is to ensure automating the entirety of the task in favor of the concerned venture. This means that the owners will have to work on only one product list which can get imported and uploaded to each and every platform where they have their presence established with nothing more than a single click.

True advantage of feed management softwares is felt when changes or announcements of offers need to be made in individual products over the concerned platforms. Here, the store owners need to make the changes only in the home list which will reflect on the feed of all the lists in all the different platforms. One click is all that is takes to accomplish the task. Saving massively on time and effort are the two integral benefits that any seller is sure to attain through these softwares. Besides this, the assurance of flawlessness also works in the direction of eliminating worries in the part of the sellers for Shopify eBay Integration.

More often than not, feed managing softwares are available at affordable prices from dependable providers which opens up ample routes for newbies to excel in their efforts from day one.