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4 Aspects That Makes Paradise For eBay Sellers

Sellers in eBay are often seen cribbing about a number of annoying factors that this marketplace has established special reputation in. While no one can contest the fact that eBay is still one of the largest ecommerce platforms that allows maximum number of product categories, seller types and selling options, it is also a den of unpredictability and operational mess. In fact, many eBay sellers have been seen to shift their presence from eBay to other marketplaces that may be smaller but are more accommodative and manageable in nature.

Of late, has risen as an invaluable alternative to eBay and here are 4 main aspects because of which sellers are either including the marketplace as a part of their multichannel ventures or are shifting their base entirely to the same…

The non nonsense simplicity of the platform –

Unlike eBay, is a simple and straight-forward marketplace. Everything from the route to the buy box of this platform to overall performance maintenance is clear, comprehensive and easy to follow.

No bolts from the blue in terms of marketplace improvements –

eBay is widely known for introducing sudden improvements that always manage to catch unsuspecting sellers in the wrong foot almost all the time. Introduction of Cassini can be mentioned as an example in this respect, where tens of the best performing sellers were reduced to rubble within days. is till date, free of such excesses.

Low competition that makes visibility easy –

What eBay sellers love the most in is the comfortable level of competition in this marketplace. Many have also expressed that reaching and maintaining high levels of visibility is in fact easy in Walmart because competition in this platform is low. This is a treat that cannot be experienced in eBay.

Easy to integrate with readymade solutions –

Readymade solutions for Walmart integration with top whether Walmart Amazon, Walmart eBay / Rakuten / or any others for that matter is as easy as approaching the official integration partners that have the best and the most uncomplicated tools and softwares ready to cater to the purpose.


How Exposed Are eBay Sellers To Fraud

It has often been seen that buyers in eBay or any e commerce marketplace for that matter are a little apprehensive about the authenticity of the products they order and the payments that they make. Sniffing out fraud may have just escalated as a fundamental right of all those who are either first time visitors or frequent purchasers from those platforms. However, not many will be able to believe that things can often go the other way round where it is the sellers especially in platforms like eBay who have much to fear against fraudulent buyers.

Being one of those few platforms of sale where infinite varieties of products in their freshest form or used form are sold every single second, it is possible to invite an overwhelming variety of buyers some of whom may not be in the possession of best intensions. More often than not, it is the new eBay seller who have minimum experience in selling in the platform who suffer blows from these inauthentic purchasers. At present, there are at least a thousand innovative ways with which many of these fraudsters have managed to create dents in the otherwise prospering businesses in eBay.

At all costs, it is imperative for the sellers to keep their guards up in this matter and be very cautious about selling to people who sound dubious. Say for example, if a certain buyer wants the concerned seller to sell outside eBay, it is best to ignore such demands and be wary of the same buyer while monitoring his / her activities in eBay if they choose to return. There are also a number of geniuses who manage to dodge payments by creating fake payment receipts in favor of the sellers. So, having PayPal accounts secured is also very necessary and this is a matter that should never be postponed to a later date.