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5 hushed tips for eBay store success

Today, thousands of people make their full time income from their eBay store. And so many others dream to be in that same triumphant spot. While this giant e-commerce platform has facilitated a lot to make things as easier and smoother for the sellers, hardly does success comes with a single stroke. Deep down, with high market competition (in any and every niche), demanding customers and of course the stress of handling the technical end of your e-shop, things are a tad more complex than what it appears on the surface. Complex, but nothing you can’t deal yourself with few simple ways and tips.

For your eBay success, here are 5 hushed tips that only a handful of sellers who make millions from their eBay store (yes, they exist!) knows and follows-

  1. Have a blog marketing strategy

Write blog posts on your niche. Describe your products in details, offer experience to your readers, give them reasons to buy your products, tell them why they should buy from you, and talk NOT like a trained salesman but a friend who understand your audience needs. You can use free blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress (dot com).

  1. Be more careful when writing product descriptions

The product descriptions are more important than one thinks. It can either make or break the deal. You have to detail your offering, sound convincing and at the same time stick to eBay’s strict product description rules. So, polish-up your writing skill, understand the policies, be crisp and concise, know also about the SEO and look at how other top sellers write. In short, be careful here.

  1. Spend more time on Facebook

While you should have a decent all-round marketing strategy, spend more time on Facebook in particular. Decide whether you want a fan page, group or a profile; it really depends on the kind of products you’re selling and the future you want for eBay store. Regardless, try to build a good following or community of fans. Communicate with them regularly and address their needs and requirements.

  1. Have a YouTube channel

Visitors are 73 per cent more likely to buy if the products are accompanied by descriptive videos. So, make video marketing a core part of your strategy and target to have a flourishing YouTube video. You don’t need to master at video editing. It’s all about story telling that talks about your products- use, benefits. With some readily available free online software, you can easily do that.

  1. Bank on multichannel e-commerce software solution

Handling the backend of your eBay store, all by yourself and all manually, isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Plus, things would be more complex if you’re selling on other platforms as well. Multi-channel e-commerce software solution plays a major role here, making your life easier. It helps handling all the backend work of your store (s) under a single roof, whether eBay listing or Walmartapi integration.


  1. Be strategic when pricing your products

Pricing is one major aspect that could ruin things for your e-store. So be thoughtful and strategic here. Consider a range of factors like the utility value of your products, the fee paid to eBay, marketing cost, your competitors and so forth. Find a perfect spot on the pricing scale where both you and your customers are convinced. Also, take the discounts you’re going to offer into consideration; products with discount offers are more likely to sell.

These are 5 (+1) simple, specific and less-popular tips to take your eBay store to success. It isn’t simple but it isn’t difficult either. So many people are making making their living off eBay and you can be one of them.

Best Approach To Sell On eBay With Medium Level Inventory

eBay as a top performing marketplace, accommodates almost all kinds of sellers irrespective of their sizes, levels of experience or types of businesses that they may possess. At the moment, eBay sellers have the option of either selling as individual hobby sellers or sell through stores of their own. More often than not, this decision depends upon the levels of inventory that the sellers have under their umbrella. For sellers with very few products in their list, it is always best to opt for individual selling. For those who have medium to large inventories, it is always advisable to sell on eBay though well designed stores.

While sellers with really large inventories are seen to make the most of the store options, it is the ones in the middle (that is those with medium level inventories) that are seen to be stuck while deciding between individual selling and selling through stores. It is true that operating through stores has its own share of advantages. Nevertheless, this fact can never be ignored that the rules for owners of eBay stores are more stringent than otherwise. From established fee structure to set up, from commission to payments, everything calls for utmost attention at all times.

In short, errors, flaws and issues in operations can lead to serious concerns in the form of losing customers and resultant profits. This is a risk that medium level sellers can seldom take. In order to start efforts with a balanced approach, it is imperative that the sellers evaluate the pros and cons of the methods that they choose for selling in this platform. Secondly, at all times, it is imperative to power the endeavor with eBay selling softwares that is assured to go a very long way in establishing operational ease through automation of the processes.

This applies to vital and non negotiable aspects like listing, all encompassing inventory control, order completion support, pricing assistance as well as shielding from errors. These advantages will eventually ensure that any mode of selling embraced by the mid level sellers would bring in equal benefits.

Improve Your eBay Store With These Tips

Owning an eBay store has not been a cakewalk for serious eBay sellers. There was a time when merely the store presence could assure traffic and profits. But all thanks to the ever changing nature of eBay, at this very moment, things have gone way over above and beyond the basics. In simple words, your eBay store needs to possess that sparkle to attract the attention of the target buyers who may be conducting search for similar products in the marketplace. Of late, if your store has not managed to grow as expect nor has it been able to get the desired traffic or conversions, it may be time to pull up your socks and work towards giving the same a well deserved face lift.


It all starts with running a meticulous eye through the appearance of your store from A to Z. From custom pages to keywords, from promotional pages to images, everything needs to be checked for discovering scope for improvement. You can always take a sneak peek at the stores of your competitors and see what is making them sell on eBay with considerable success and dazzle among the purchase motivated crowd. Being motivated by worthy ideas is always good but copying it bit to bit is seldom entertained. Maintaining ingenuity is imperative while designing or redesigning your store and there are no two ways about it.

The next tip to improving your store presence in eBay is to initiate the process of integration. An integrated eBay store is proven to be ahead in terms of competition compared to those that are not integrated or partially integrated. Usage of eBay selling softwares to power essential operative aspects of selling in this marketplace can be a lifesaving decision. For sellers who are not confident about handling the process on their own must seek professional assistance which is available affordably from authentic e commerce solution developers.