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How to build an Amazon store that makes $1000 in its first month? 5 Essentials

For thousands of young business minds, selling on various marketplaces and making quick bucks is the ‘it’ idea today. However, less do they know that those inspiring success stories, which have apparently plagued the internet, mirrors only one side of the coin, skipping all the countless hours that those online vendors spent in mapping a perfect wholesaling, pricing, marketing and selling strategies.

Those top and successful Amazon sellers don’t have any secrets—neither do they do anything extra-ordinary. They are just a tad bit smarter in their decisions than the rest—something you, too, can do to make thousands of dollars right in the first few weeks of your Amazon store launch.


Here are 5 essentials that you’re going to need to bring your dream of ‘Amazon riches’ into reality—5 secrets to sell on Amazon like a total pro-

  1. Social media marketing strategy– Buyers won’t buy from you just because you exist. You must make evident efforts and investments to win the attention of your target audience. In fact, marketing is a key to success for every business. Social media marketing is your first (and cheap) avenue here to reach out your potential customers, sell them on your products, and build loyalty. So invest considerable amount of your time on big-guns like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus promoting your products.
  2. Positive reviews (and lots of it) – Getting positive reviews is the single most important factor that can literally quadruple your sales overnight. No wonder so many sellers spend so much of their energy and resources into buying fake reviews—only to realize later that it does more harm than good. So you must remind and encourage your buying customers to leave their opinion and feedbacks on their overall experience.
  3. Optimized pages– More than 50 percent of online shoppers start their products searches on Amazon. In fact, surpassing even Google, this marketplace has become a default place to search for products to buy. Meaning, if you’re going to rank better on search results, you must optimize your Amazon stores. While there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of, the basics include using keywords in your products title and descriptions, getting positive reviews, offering products through FBA, using high-quality product images, and pricing your products competitively.
  4. Competitive pricing– Believe it or not, there’s a lot of competition on Amazon. This means, pricing your products competitively is kind of very important. Not only will you rank better on the result pages, but your low priced products can also help you win ‘Buy Box’, which can further boost your sales give that 82 percent of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box.
  5. E-commerce software solution– Even when you’re selling just on just one marketplace, there’s a lot to handle manually, which can take a lot of your time. So instead dragging yourself through Amazon listing, description updates, inventory management and order fulfillment, rely on top (and affordable) e-commerce solution to handle all the backend tasks quickly and easily. To that, if you also sell on your own website with various webstores like Magneto, these e-commerce solutions also makes integration Magneto with your Amazon store easier.

These are 5 essentials you’re going to need to sell on Amazon like a total pro and make $1000 right in the first month since the launch of your storefront. Of course, there’s a lot more you would need to reach your ambitious goal, including quick decision-making an