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5 Ways You Can Tell Your eBay Amazon Listing Management Is Healthy

Even the newest of sellers in eBay and Amazon understand that it is their approach to listing management that ultimately decides their fate in the existing cut throat competition that is thriving in these marketplaces. Product listing in very simple words is the way you introduce your products before the target buyers as well as the marketplace itself. From the titles of the product to the pricing of the same, each and every aspect of listing matters to the last word when it comes to winning maximum clicks and conversions.

At present, a number of very high quality eBay Amazon listing softwares have made this otherwise tedious and time consuming process as easy as a breeze. However, here are 5 ways you can judge for sure whether your listing approach is as good as it should be…

  • Your product ranking in the first page of Amazon / eBay search list is the first sign of healthy listing. This indicates that your keywords are good enough to add discoverability to your products. If your products continue to remain in the first page, it shows that the value you have given to your listing is good and productive in the tastes of Amazon / eBay
  • Surge in the number of clicks is a sign of convincing listing. This shows that buyers are taking interest in what you have to offer and this is a blessing when you sell on Amazon or eBay. Topped with a good conversion ratio, you can pat yourself on your back for a good job done.
  • Healthy inventory movement, that is when the inventory scene is without stale inventory or issues of the sort, is also a sign of good listing. If you have listed well, your products will fetch more orders which will eventually push the inventory out in a respectable course of time.

Mistakes To Avoid As You Sell On Amazon

If you are human, you are entitled to make your share of mistakes. However, there are times when mistakes are not entertained, and heavy price may have to be paid on being careless or deliberately arrogant about following rules. This is very applicable when it comes to selling in Amazon, the leading e commerce marketplace in the world. In very simple words, making mistakes as you sell on Amazon can cost you your account almost instantly which is why, you will always benefit by being aware about the ‘mistakes to avoid’.

It all starts with respecting the rules on account set up. This basically means that Amazon allows one seller one account only. So, if you deliberately push for more than one account with tricks and hacks preached by scammers, be assured that you will lose that one account that you are legally entitles to.

Secondly, it is the matter of listing that you should be extremely careful about. Listing products not sanctioned by Amazon, adding business website URLs in the product seller information, going outright promotional in product heading etc can be held as disrespecting Amazon listing policies. The end results of being over enthusiastic can cost your account in no time at all.

Thirdly, poor shipping policies that compromise buyer interests can also bring the wrath of Amazon down on the concerned sellers. Shipping hassles leading to late shipping and delivery, bloated costs for shipping etc can make buyers cast negative reviews against the sellers and bad reviews are always taken up by Amazon with strict seriousness.

More often than not, almost all of these mistakes can be addressed with the usage of proper Amazon seller softwares that are designed to make things easier, faster and more error free for sellers. Considering the fact that these softwares are affordable, sellers can use them from the very onset to prevent making mistakes and pursue healthy selling in Amazon.

Want The Best Amazon Seller Software? Look For These Features

With a flood of options that are being introducing by the passing years to aid and support selling in top performing marketplaces and comparison sites, it will not really be wrong to keep harping on being ‘careful’ when you as seller, pick your solutions. This applies mainly to Amazon, which still is the most unchallenged leader among all other e commerce marketplaces. The sheer size and bulk of this platform along with the range of product types and seller types that it hosts, makes it imperative for the concerned sellers to choose the most suitable among all other available Amazon seller software to cater to their urgencies with perfection.

However, while it may be true that it is imperative to look into the diversity and suitability of the features in these softwares before approaching them, there are a bunch of features that just about all sellers must aim for without fail. The list always starts with relevant tools and softwares that are dedicated to managing listing and inventory in this platform. It does not really matter if you are massively established seller with thousands of products under your wing or a very small seller with not more than a hundred, commencing with the right inventory and listing support will help you a long way in growing and prospering.

Secondly, not many sellers find it easy to sell on Amazon without being guided by the repricing softwares and tools. For all you know, competitive pricing is all it takes to make an endeavor more alluring to the buyers. If you are not a pro in it already, the repricing softwares will shoulder the task for you with perfection. At the same time, support solutions to track and maintain buyer information, abandoned cart management solution, orders and shipping support can be of lifesaving assistance.

4 Rules To Remember When You Sell On Amazon

Amazon can be quite stern and unrelenting when it comes to dealing with sellers who refuse to play by the rules. In very simple words, if you think you are smart, Amazon is way smarter and is equipped with superior intelligence to identify foul play. So, if you wish to rule Amazon, you will have to start with abiding by the rules. Here is the first set of the basic 4 tenets that you must never ignore as you sell on Amazon

  • Bring products that are accepted by Amazon – This is basically means that you will have to read through the list of products and product categories that is ‘not acceptable’ in this platform and refrain from introducing the same in your catalogue.
  • Never play with fakes – Amazon is the most reputed and thus, the most trustworthy e commerce platform in the world. So, you as an Amazon seller should never try to give away fakes in the name of reputed brands or give wrong information about products to increase it worth falsely. The rule is to stay strictly clear of doing anything that would tarnish the image of this top marketplace.
  • Stay clear of anything that causes order cancellations in your part – Amazon does not appreciate order cancellations especially those that are initiated in your part. This can happen because of poor management of your inventory or shipping practices. As a solution, try fortifying your Amazon store with the right support solutions.
  • Respect Buyers’ interests – Whether it is about keeping all channels of communication with your customers free of clutter, keeping them informed about their purchases tracking details etc. or initiating their requests for returns or refunds, you will have to ensure keeping your customer’s interests at top priority. Being unresponsive to your customers can cause bad reviews which will eventually make you walk through the grand exit.