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3 Silly Ways To Lose Visibility In Walmart Marketplace

Whether in or any other e commerce marketplace for that matter, no seller in his / her right mind would want to lose visibility and ranking to factors that could otherwise have been addressed without much difficulty. However, there have been occasions when certain sellers in Walmart online marketplace have done their bit to invite the wrath of the platform thereby losing their visibility to nothing more than sheer silliness.

Here are 3 such common occasions that many have come face to face with while managing their presence in this upcoming online shopping destination…

  • You may have added that additional shipping charge at the time of checkout – There are 3 words for this mistake… ‘Don’t be greedy’ when you sell on Walmart marketplace. Many sellers often find themselves tempted to add that little extra shipping charge at the time of checkout, mainly for the sake of recovering the lowest price smack. The smart ones often lose their visibility immediately after smells out the act.
  • Your list price in Amazon has dropped by a cent – This is usually not a deliberate stunt in the part of the sellers mainly because prices in Amazon keep changing automatically often by the minute. If sellers are unaware of the price drop and picks a hint of it, there is every possibility that the seller will lose visibility.

    For selling entities that have carried out proper multichannel integrations like Walmart – Amazon / Shopify Google Shopping integration etc. are likely to remain at a safe distance from hassles as such.

  • You have introduced luxury super brands at super prices – Thirdly, unintelligent product introductions can often lead to sure shot invisibility. Say for example, high street brands at high street prices don’t usually sell in If you have introduced products that have not even earned a single view from prospective buyers, you can be rest assured that your listing will become wallpaper in no time at all.

Shopify To Amazon To Walmart Listing Management Made Easier

Multichannel listing especially with top marketplaces involved can get a little tough and tiring. Of late, the rise of and the gradual expansion of Amazon sellers into this marketplace have left infinite sellers wondering how to get their listing approach right. The issue basically revolves around the pricing strategies of both of these platforms where Amazon assures great deals to its buyers and assures lowest prices. However, Amazon would never entertain sellers that list the same products at a lower price in some other marketplace and herein hides the discrepancy.

As an Amazon seller, when you sell on Walmart marketplace, you will have to ensure that your prices are less than or equal to your list price in Amazon with the weight of the value resting in favor of Walmart. If Amazon discovers sellers resorting to such methods, it could only be a while before the latter are shown the door. With this tug of war looming in the scene, the process of selling in an organized and harmonized way can get thoroughly compromised. The only good solution to this issue is to use listing management software support systems that are enabled to management variable pricing in top marketplaces.

For example, if you are a Shopify powered seller, these softwares will ensure making the process of managing Shopify to Amazon to Walmart listing as effective as it can be while eliminating the need to worry about pricing discrepancies. It is usually very difficult to achieve variable pricing management manually, solely for the reason that sellers often lack the skills and strategies to make this otherwise trying process a success. Banking on suitable software solutions or managed services offered by reputed third party solution developers is the current trend in this sphere of multichannel listing management. The fact that these solutions are often affordable makes them blissfully approachable as well.