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4 Mistakes Every Amazon Seller Should Avoid

With the economy not looking up still, many people are looking for way to make a good passive income. Selling on Amazon is being found as quite profitable for making additional income from home. However, new sellers without enough experience and know-how about product sales often end up making some basic errors which result in unsatisfied buyers, lower sales and even suspension of accounts in some cases. Read on and find out about the 4 basic mistakes that are often made by Amazon sellers. If you avoid these as a seller Amazon might not take it too kindly.

Perplexing titles

Give clean and concise titles to each item that you showcase on your listing page on Amazon. Often, sellers tend to stuff their product titles with keywords in order to make them rank better on the search results. Do not include exclamatory words, adjectives or unnecessary information into the titles.

Not keeping Amazon-appropriate photos

The Product Image Requirements section of Amazon clearly mention that all the photos uploaded onto the website should be in focus, kept on a pristine white backdrop and not have any inset images or graphics or any extra text. Many new sellers, especially those habituated to selling on eBay, tend to flout this policy. Amazon follows strict rules about keeping a professional catalog. You can use 3d cart Amazon to make the process easier for yourself.

Entering wrong weights

Many sellers end up entering wrong product weights for the items offered on FBA. FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that allows sellers to ship various products to the warehouses of Amazon. Once the item is sold, the order is fulfilled or shipped by Amazon. While a new item is entered in the catalog, sellers have to be cautious about properly entering the weight for it. Otherwise, they have to pay additional fees for the product. Many sellers tend to commonly enter wrong weight for the items.

Sending glass containers

There are strict rules in FBA regarding the type of items that can be sent to the fulfillment center of Amazon. Even if you send glass containers, they should not be over 4 ounces and have to be bubble wrapped. The container should also last after a drop test of 3 feet on concrete surface.

Consider These Factors While Becoming An Amazon Seller

Amazon is a wonderland for buyers and sellers alike. Considering the fact that this ever expanding and ever evolving marketplace is always brimming with opportunities, makes it an ideal destination for all merchants, whether big or small, to establish their presence in the same. The fact that merely being present Amazon is more than enough to generate an avalanche of traffic can never be denied. The fact that conversions and revenue is also likely to witness a sudden surge inspires millions of sellers to start their Amazon endeavors with ample zest and passion.

However, while it may be true that the promises and possibilities of Amazon are farfetched, for an unsuspecting seller Amazon can soon turn into a grave yard if an unenlightened and thoroughly unprepared approach is made towards the endeavor. Basically, one must remember at all times that there are two sides to every coin and Amazon is no different. The fact that there are hurdles to navigate through should not elude the understanding of the vendors. Among the primary concerns is the issue of marketplace fees which is usually very confusing for newbies to understand.

Amazon is not a free marketplace and it does charge a certain percentage of profits from each product sold. So, sellers need to be very careful about how they price their products so that the products remains attractive to the buyers while fetching a profit for the venture even after a chunk of the gains is paid up as marketplace fees. Failing to establish proper prices can land you in an unproductive vicious circle sooner than you may think.

Secondly, you will have to put in your bit to ensure that your business / brand name shines through the name of Amazon. This is mainly because as a marketplace, Amazon or any top site for that matter is more focused on its own image than that of the vendor. Using options that are opened up for the latter to use in order to establish and further their names before buyers is the best option to consider.